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Director Estt DoT conveys cabinet approval for operation of unabsorbed 530 ITS officers from January 2022 to December 2026 and thereafter deputed ITS officers will diminished in phased manner as BSNL/MTNL will create its own management by that time.   Copy <<<>>



Director Estt DoT conveys cabinet approval for operation of unabsorbed 530 ITS officers from January 2022 to December 2026 and thereafter deputed ITS officers will diminished in phased manner as BSNL/MTNL will create its own management by that time.   Copy <<<>>



AGM Pers BSNL CO issued modified transfers orders giving consideration to the requests by individuals for change of Circle or retention in same Circle.   Copy <<<>>



AGM Admn BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads with copy to all employees of BSNL requesting for hoisting National Flag in their Homes from 13th to 15th August 2022 and make “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign a resounding success.   Copy <<<>>



AGM MS BSNL CO writes all Circles Heads about Fire safety norms which are to be strictly followed for prevention of fire in Telecom Buildings.   Copy <<<>>



GS SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR BSNL in response to suggestions called by SR Cell on the Partial modification in facility of immunity from transfer to recognised and support Association.  Copy <<<>>



Director Projects DoT issued Office memorandum on revival of BSNL and merger of BBNL with BSNL.   Copy <<<>>



Meeting with Shri. Dr. Mahesh Shukla, Member Services DoT: On 03/008/2022, the delegation of SNEA CHQ led by SNEA Shri Manish Samadhiya President CHQ, Shri Rajesh Manchan VP CHQ, Shri Rajdeep AGS CHQ, Shri. Satish Kumar CS NTR Delhi, Shri Arvind Pal Dahiya, CP BSNL CO Delhi, Shri Rajesh Ranjan CS Chhattisgarh, Shri K. N. Murali Dhara ACS Karnataka, Shri. Jitender Singh OS SNEA NTR Delhi and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS had welcome meeting with Shri. Dr. Mahesh Shukla, Member (Services) Department of Telecommunications, at his Chamber at Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi. We had elaborate discussions on different HR and development of BSNL and role of DoT thereof.

Shri. Dr. Mahesh Shukla, has taken over charge of Member Service DoT on 01/08/2022 and delegation of SNEA felicitated him with bouquet and congratulated him for holding high position in DoT.

SNEA team also conveyed special thanks for extending support to BSNL through Revival Package 2.0 given by Government of India and DoT. We expressed that this package is received at particular time when BSNL is facing problems in getting 3G services in total and other operators are trying for 5G.

Dr Shukla agreed that there is delay as Government of India has special focus on manufacturing Indigenous GSM Equipment and was optimistic that very shortly India will be exporting the GSM equipments to other countries. We expressed that it is being informed that launching of 4G services by BSNL will be delayed as the equipment has not yet passed testing.

Member Services informed that yes, there is delay as new Technology is being developed, but the work of 4G is at final stage. He added that he has personally visited Chandigarh and reviewed the preparations. He added that only few tests are to be carried out and there are no serious issues in it and same will be taken care in due course of time. He informed that this work is being monitored at very high level and all out efforts are being made for early 4G services by BSNL. He was firm that BSNL will start 4G services very shortly.

He added that Government of India has also plan to start 5G services of BSNL and same also is being discussed at higher level. He appealed not to believe on rumours and be ready for immediate 4G services for which Government of India is extending total support.

Member (Services) DoT remembered his services in BSNL and assured that he will continue to support BSNL by all means and any proposal by BSNL Management for growth and development of BSNL will be given positive consideration.

Dr Shukla stressed that BSNL Management also has to come out of red tape procedures and need to extend supporting hands to field units. He added that BSNL is full of talents, but same is not properly explored due to lethargic approach by certain officers. He specifically pointed out that any proposal from Circles should not be held up in red tape procedure at BSNL CO and needs to be responded immediately and positively.

He narrated that BSNL has to utilise available infrastructure to its full capacity. He specifically mentioned that Telecom factories at Mumbai, Jabalpur and Kolkata can be better utilised and BSNL can have production of OFC by using available talent and infrastructure and same can be done at cost of rent to be charged to Manufacturers for using Infrastructure of Telecom Factories. BSNL will get OFC on priority and good revenue can be generated for BSNL.

We also specially requested him that BSNL is providing services at Rural area wherein loss is fixed. One side BSNL is compelled to provide services at losses and other side affordability clause is being applied for approval of third pay revision. We also drawn attention towards biased approach by Term Cell in applying Penalties against BSNL, allotment of USO funds to BSNL and Dr Shukla assured to have separate meeting on these issues after taking feedback and review of works he is assigned as Member (Services) DoT.

We have further requested Dr. Shukla for his intervention and support in resolution of pending HR issues at DoT viz. Pay Revision, E2/E3 Standard Pay Scales, Time Bound Promotion policy, Review of New Recruitment Rules which are not settled for years together. Dr. Shukla responded that he is aware about certain issues but as recently taken over charge, he has to check details with concerned officers in DoT. He firmly assured for extending support in resolution of the pending HR of BSNL executives and directed us to submit gist of pending issues along with brief note on it and he will look into it one by one.

In conclusion of meeting which lasted for 50 minutes, Dr. Shukla once again remembered his days with BSNL and shared that BSNL will flourish in days to come and no need of worry and only required is to put efforts by team BSNL. We conveyed thanks for sparing time from his busy schedule and assured to give gist of issues very shortly.

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AGM Elect BSNL CO issued orders modifying the transfers of SDEs in Electrical wing who were under 26 years transfer and now modification/cancellation orders are issued as per the requests by individuals.   Copy <<<>>

SNEA CHQ is pursuing for some more genuine requests and same also will be given consideration shortly.



AGM Pers BSNL CO calls for options from AGMs/DMs working at BSNL CO for posting in Vigilance Section BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi.   Copy <<<>>



AGM Pers DPC BSNL CO writes third reminder letter to Circle Heads for submission of data of JTOs required for preparation of AIEL No. 6 which will be utilized for JTO to SDE Promotions. All CS/DS and activists of SNEA may look into it and see that required data is sent by Circle without any further delay.   Copy <<<>>



GM CFM BSNL CO writes certain Circles Heads for hiring of Vehicles through GeM Portal as same is not followed in these Circles.   Copy <<<>>



SAD NEWS: With profound grief and sorrow, we regret to inform that our beloved leader, colleague Shri. Deepak Kumar P left for heavenly abode today on 02/08/2022, at Kannur Kerala. He was just 38 years of age and is survived by wife Mrs. Saritha V who is also working as SDE in BSNL and nine year old is the only son Daksh.

Shri.  Deepak Kumar, a 2005 recruit JTO of BSNL, was working as SDE Mktg in Kannur BA in Kerala.  He was among the 300 BSNL shortlisted for MT internal Group Discussions and Personal Interviews proposed by Recruitment cell of BSNL Corporate Office. Apart from being very active and dynamic Officer of BSNL, he was a very active association leader and has rendered his services to members of SNEA as DS SNEA Madikeri, ACS SNEA Karnataka Circle, DS SNEA Kannur and CEC Member Kerala. While discharging duties at different posts of association, he has been instrumental in resolving many issues and giving supporting hand to affected members. SNEA has lost very active, sincere, dedicated and die hard comrades and dynamic leader who had devoted his life for the betterment of SNEA members and BSNL.


SNEA deeply mourns the demise of a comrade of high vision and down to earth personality who is well known for his compassionate attitude and empathetic approach. May his soul rest in peace. We pray to the Almighty to give courage to his family members to overcome this hard time of life. May the departed soul of Shri. Deepak Kumar rests in heaven with Nobel peace. 



Special meeting by CMD BSNL on Revival Package 2.0 with representatives of all Associations and Unions: {Report by Shri. Rajdeep AGS SNEA CHQ}:  On evening of 28/07/2022 a special meeting of all Associations and Unions was called by CMD BSNL at 1900 hrs at 9th Floor Conference Hall Bharat Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi to highlight the key points and to apprise the action plan and the roadmap on the grant of second revival package of BSNL by the Government of India.

Apart from Shri. P.K Purwar CMD BSNL, all the Director of BSNL Board viz. Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar Director HR, Shri. Vivek Banzal Director CFA/CM, Shri. V. Ramesh Director EB and Mrs. Yojana Das, Director Finance and Mrs. Anita Johri PGM SR BSNL CO and all her officers in SR Cell BSNL CO were present in this special meeting on revival package 2.0.

From SNEA side this special and focused meeting was attended by Shri. M. S. Adasul GS, Shri. Rajdeep AGS, Shri. Satish Kumar CS SNEA Delhi Circle Shri. Arvind Dahiya President BSNL CO, Shri. Padmnabha Rao, Former AGS HQ, and some other active comrades from SNEA BSNL CO Delhi and SNEA NTR Delhi Circle.

Meeting started with warm welcome and greetings to all by Mrs. Anita Johari PGM Pers BSNL CO.

At the outset, CMD BSNL expressed sincere gratitude and thanked all the representatives of the Unions and Associations for attending the meeting even though it is being conducted during late evening hours.

CMD BSNL then apprised in details that how this difficult task was achieved through rigorous persuasion and regular follow ups with the GoI wherein the importance and need of BSNL in the Telecom Sector was presented to the Cabinet which has resulted in grant of the second revival package by the GoI.

CMD BSNL explained that this is the proud moment for BSNL that in the history of the entire PSUs no such package was approved earlier and how we have been able to attract special attention of the GoI to achieve this Goal and it is the Golden moments for all BSNL employees. Simultaneously, CMD BSNL explained that for this historic achievement BSNL has also made some commitments to the GoI which are now required to be fulfilled to prove our worth and the objectives set out by the GoI.

The essence of the CMD BSNL address was that "Delivery is the key" we have to perform by putting all out efforts for revival of BSNL and this is the last chance for survival of BSNL"

CMD BSNL further explained about the highlights of the package and his address covered the following points.

ü GOI has taken over some of the liabilities and debts of BSNL.

ü Bringing adequate cash flow for strengthening of Infrastructure and networks for improvement in services and to bring more revenue in the organization.

ü This will be most probably the final Package/Last Chance for the revival of BSNL. Now all our efforts are to be made by all to implement the things and work hard for improvements to fulfil commitments given to Hon PM.

ü Hon. PM asked to focus on three things viz. Resolve Legacy issues, Resolve Technology issues and focus on dutifulness.  Message of Hon PM is clear “Perform or Perish”

ü All employees to work very hard and proactively. Lethargy, non-performance, corruption in the system needs to be removed. Fundamental shift in the work culture at all levels.

ü Vendors payments are expected to be released given funding from the government.

ü Improvement in the services and bringing back the confidence of the customers.

ü Fulfill the objectives of the "Digital India" through merger of BBNL with BSNL with commitment of 80% delivery with accomplishment of Mission-500 wherein network to be rolled out in 26000 villages.

ü Vigorous efforts to improve the Market Share of BSNL.

ü 4G Spectrum related needs will be fulfilled by the GoI.

ü Government has shown trust in BSNL and will provide all necessary support to BSNL as a strategic asset. Government will give ambitious projects to BSNL

CMD BSNL concluded his to depth and very informative address with analysis of the Revival Package and how it useful for revival of BSNL. CMD BSNL narrated that Management is focused on the delivery and appealed leaders of all Associations and Unions to come forward and work hard to bring back the glory of BSNL.

After the detailed address by CMD BSNL, the time was given to leaders of all unions and associations wherein all have congratulated CMD BSNL for this historic achievement and thanked him for working assiduously to bring this revival package 2.0 and getting strong support from BSNL.

On behalf of SNEA, Shri. M. S. Adasul General Secretary congratulated CMD BSNL and all the Board of Directors for such great efforts for last one year for convincing Government of India about the inherent protentional of BSNL in executing different BSNL projects and thereby getting such huge support from present Government. He specially conveyed thanks to Hon. Prime Minister of India, Hon. Minister of Communications, Hon. Minister of State Communications, Secretary DoT supported by entire team of officers in DoT for putting new energy in BSNL.

GS SNEA specially appreciated skills and expertise of Shri. P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL in putting demands and needs of BSNL in front of DoT, Government of India by giving about 22 presentations at different level starting from DoT to Office of Hon. Prime Minister of India. He specially congratulated CMD BSNL about his successful persuasion with Government of India and getting such huge support which is difficult task in todays scenario. GS conveyed that CMD BSNL has great skills and expertise in getting money from GOI and he should continue to get flow of money from GoI to BSNL and we all executives and non-executives will be highly obliged if CMD BSNL could bring further money for financial upliftment of BSNL workforce.

GS SNEA appreciated CMD BSNL for empowering Director CFA/CM, Director EB and Director Finance by different actions and appealed CMD BSNL to empower Director HR so that HR issues are given consideration and the workforce of BSNL is enlightened to move ahead as owner of the company in speed expected by CMD BSNL by about 10 to 12 hours working by forgetting office hours. He categorically apprised that till the HR issues are not given consideration in proper understanding there cannot be expected results as seen in the past. He appealed management, to give serious thought with immediate actions to resolve the pending HR issues of young executives in BSNL who will be at forefront of implementation of these projects.  

GS SNEA assured that SNEA and its members will leave no stone unturned to achieve the promises made by CMD BSNL to the Hon. PM and was optimistic that BSNL will gallop like a fine horse as quoted and expected by CMD BSNL in one of association meeting and in the days to come with the sweat and toil of all Executives. Simultaneously, GS appealed to the CMD BSNL and all the Board of Directors that a galloping horse also needs to be sufficiently fed to perform its best hence the management also needs to reciprocate with the similar gesture and resolve all pending HR issues and other important legitimate long pending demands of the Executives so that each executive and employee is highly motivated and energized to deliver the best for the growth of our beloved organization BSNL.

Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar Director HR BSNL Board, summarized the discussions held in this special meeting and conveyed his pleasure on presence of majority of Unions and Associations and making this meeting grand success.  He congratulated CMD BSNL and other Directors of BSNL Board for their successful efforts in getting support from DoT/GOI.  Director HR appealed all to join hands with management in executing these projects and firmly assured that all pending HR issues will be given consideration one by one.

The meeting started 1905 hrs concluded at 2030 hrs with formal Vote of thanks by Mrs. Anita Johari PGM Pers BSNL CO.

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AGM Admn  BSNL CO writes CGM UPE with its copy to all Circle Heads confirming that earlier issued clarification that CGMs are empowered  to approve indoor medical treatment  hold good Copy <<<>>



Superannuation Retirement of Shri. R Rajan, Stalwart Leader of SNEA CHQ:


SNEA Congratulate, Shri. R. Rajan, Former Treasurer SNEA CHQ and DGM, Nagercoil, TN Circle on his highly successful and peaceful Superannuation Retirement after completion of long & highly successful service in DoT/ BSNL.


Shri. R. Rajan, entered into the erstwhile P&T Department in Sept 1985 as Junior Engineer, Aravakurichy, Trichy and was redesignated as Junior Telecom Officer w.e.f. 11.03.1986 after the historical struggle by JETA. He was transferred to Nagercoil SSA and posted at Kanyakumari in 1988 and subsequently posted as PRO Nagercoil. He was promoted as Regular SDE in Oct 1998 and posted as SDOP Nagercoil. He was absorbed as SDE since formation of BSNL. He was promoted as AGM in Aug 2014 and later promoted as DGM in March 2020.

Throughout his career he rendered a very good service with his characteristic enthusiasm and devotion to duty, punctuality, amenability to discipline, commitments to the tasks assigned, sense of responsibility, capacity of team work and cooperation with colleagues and subordinates. His expertise and potential in maintaining the external plant is remarkable. His coordination capability among the staff and officers has earned a very healthy and peaceful working environment in Nagercoil BA.

Along with his official responsibility, he was very active in Association activities from the beginning. He Joined JETA in September 1985 at Karur Sub division, Trichy Division in TN circle and was assigned the responsibility of Branch Treasurer in 1986. Pursuant to his transfer to Nagercoil in January 1998, he became District treasurer in JTOA Nagercoil and rose to the position of District Secretary in JTOA Nagercoil.

Later he was elevated as ACS and then CWC Member in JTOA Tamilnadu Circle. In 2002, he was elected as the District Secretary of BSNLEA, Nagercoil and promoted to the responsibility of Joint Secretary South BSNLEA CHQ. He was instrumental in convening the first merger Conference of BSNLEA and TEOA at Kanyakumari in 2003 April. He discharged his responsibilities as ACS and CWC Member in SNEA. He was elected as Joint Secretary South, SNEA CHQ at AIC Vadodara in 2009.

 In AIC 2012, held at Nanded Maharashtra, Shri. R. Rajan was elected as the Treasurer SNEA CHQ 2012 and since then he has served as Treasurer SNEA CHQ till April 2022 for three consecutive terms. During his tenure as CHQ Treasurer he has exercised utmost financial discipline and filing IT return for the SNEA Pan India account. His financial prudence and transparency in dealing with the Association accounts has led SNEA to a formidable financial position.

Remarkable contribution has been done by Shri. R. Rajan in contribution of funds and building the present ‘W. Seshagiri Rao SNEA Bhavan at Delhi. He has taken lot of efforts in designing and maintaining SNEA CHQ Website. He has contribution in each and every field as he has rendered life time services to SNEA and its members. With such tremendous and lifelong contribution towards SNEA, the name of Shri. R. Rajan will be written in the history of SNEA with golden letters.

On this important day of the superannuation retirement of Shri. R. Rajan after completion of 37 years of long and highly successful services in DoT/BSNL, SNEA CHQ salutes his sincerity, dedication and appreciates & recognizes his lifelong services towards BSNL and SNEA and wish him a Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and highly successful Retired Life.” 



Grand and Memorable Farewell to Shri. R. Rajan, Ex CHQ Treasurer by SNEA TN Circle: {Repot by Shri. Brelin Isaack AGS SNEA CHQ}: SNEA Tamilnadu Circle organised a felicitation to Shri. R. Rajan, DGM BSNL Nagercoil and Former CHQ Treasurer, SNEA in the evening of 23/07/2022 at the Banquet Hall, Hotel VLR Residency, Nagercoil on his retirement on Superannuation in recognition of 37 years of glorious service in DOT & BSNL and his unparalleled contribution to this Association.

Circle President Shri. P. Alagupandiaraja presided over the meeting. Shri M. Gopinathan, CS SNPWA TN inaugurated the Felicitation function and in his inaugural address highlighted the financial discipline followed by Shri. R. Rajan in maintaining the CHQ Accounts over the last three tenures.

Shri M. S. Adasul GS, SNEA, Shri Tatababu Karnam, CHQ Treasurer SNEA, Shri Brelin Isaac, AGS SNEA graced the occasion with their esteemed presence and felicitated Shri. R. Rajan for his dedication and devotion to his duty in the 37 years of his glorious service in DOT & BSNL as well as his commitment to the Association activities in key portfolios for the past several years.

Shri G. Valanarasu, CS SNEA TN conveyed his best wishes to Shri. R. Rajan and underlined his qualities of financial discipline while maintaining the accounts of the Association.

Shri. K.J. Kishore Kumar, CT SNEA TN in his address described his affiliation with Shri. Rajan and pointed out that Shri. Rajan would invariably attend every District Conference, and guide the young comrades, thereby strengthening the Association.

On behalf of SNEA Tamilnadu Circle, memento was presented to Shri. Rajan.

Shri R. Muthiyal, CP SNPWA TN & Shri P. Govindarajan, CT SNPWA TN felicitated Shri. Rajan for his excellent service in BSNL and Association activities at various levels.

Dr V.G. Sabu, Circle President, Shri. Santosh Kumar Ex CS SNEA, Shri. Aslesh, ACS, Shri. S. Suneer, CT and Shri. Ramana, CWC Member were among the comrades from SNEA Kerala who graced the function and felicitated Shri. R. Rajan.

All the District Secretaries and Circle Office bearers of SNEA TN Circle including several members felicitated Shri. R. Rajan wishing him a happy and peaceful retired life.

The Felicitation function concluded with the Acceptance Speech by Shri. R. Rajan, detailing the various stages of his career in BSNL as well as his assignment in various Association activities and expressing his gratitude to all comrades for their wishes, which was followed by delicious dinner.

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Special and grand CEC Meeting of SNEA TN Circle: {Repot by Shri. Brelin Isaack AGS SNEA CHQ}: The Circle Executive Committee meeting of Tamilnadu Circle was held on 23/07/2022 at Hotel VLR Residency, Nagercoil.

The CEC meeting was attended by Circle Office Bearers, DS and CEC members from all SSAs in Tamilnadu Circle. Shri M S Adasul, GS SNEA and Shri Tatababu Karnam, Treasurer SNEA CHQ graced the CEC meeting with their esteemed presence.

Shri. Brelin Isaac, Circle President and AGS SNEA CHQ hoisted the SNEA flag amid slogans of SNEA Zindabad!!!

Shri. G. Valanarasu, CS SNEA TN Circle extended a warm welcome to our CHQ leaders and all the participants from various SSAs of Tamilnadu Circle and congratulated them for their enthusiastic and dedicated efforts to add hundred new members in SNEA. He further elaborated that the Executives look forward with positivity and have great expectations from the new SNEA CHQ under the dynamic leadership of our GS Shri. M S Adasul.

On behalf of SNEA Tamilnadu Circle, mementos were presented to our GS and CHQ Treasurer. The COBs, DS and activists were felicitated with shawl by our GS for their remarkable efforts to add 100 members in SNEA Tamilnadu Circle during this membership change window.

Shri. G. Valanarasu, Circle Secretary SNEA TN Circle presented the report of the activities in the Circle since the 26th Circle Conference.

Shri. K.J Kishore Kumar Circle Treasurer submitted the financial report to the CEC and it was adopted by house with claps.  

The District Secretaries presented the report of the activities in their SSAs and also put on record their appreciation for our CS who took all out efforts to resolve every issue that was escalated to the Circle level. The CEC also deliberated on the issues faced by the Executives in the TN territory of CNTX S Circle and resolved to fight against the injustice to the Executives due to the arbitrary postings.

Shri. Brelin Isaac, Circle President and AGS SNEA CHQ in his inaugural speech focussed on the issues faced by the Executives and the efforts taken by the Association for resolution of the various issues. He appreciated the efforts put in by all the activists and office bearers to add new members in SNEA and exhorted them to continue to strengthen SNEA for a vibrant BSNL and to resolve the pending issues of the Executives in BSNL.

Shri. Tatababu Karnam CHQ Treasurer in his address highlighted the various issues in the post-based promotions after restructuring and the proposed revision of RRs and stressed on the importance of time bound functional promotion policy in the career progression of the Executives.

 Shri. M S Adasul GS SNEA CHQ motivated the members with his power-packed speech. In his speech, he elaborated on the various steps taken by CHQ to resolve the long pending issues of pay loss, SAB and promotions while focussing on the issues of BSNL viability.

The CEC unanimously co-opted Shri. P. Alagupandiaraja, JTO, as Circle President and Shri. Sakthivel, AGM as ACS SNEA TN Circle.

Shri. K.J. Kishore Kumar Circle Treasurer conveyed Vote of thanks wherein he specially appreciated the efforts taken by DS Nagercoil Shri.  Alexander, DP Shri. Jeyasekaran, DT Shri. Suresh, COS Shri.  P.L. Selvan and all the dedicated members of the host district of SNEA Nagercoil for the splendid arrangements to make the CEC a huge success and presented the vote of thanks to all the participants. The CEC meeting concluded with the National Anthem and slogans of unity.

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Update on SDE to AGM Promotions: In continuation to discussions by SNEA CHQ with CMD BSNL in last week about issuing SDE to AGM Promotions by resolving bottleneck issues, team of very senior officers of BSNL Headed by Director HR visited DoPT for confirmation of issues pertaining to reservation in promotions. It is understood that the team has elaborate discussions with senior officers of DoPT and got update information on the issue.   Final call on SDE to AGM Promotions will be taken by CMD BSNL after taking review of feedback by this team. Hopefully the matter of SDE to AGM Promotions for all wings will be decided in coming week. 



AGM Pers BSNL CO issued retention of AGM level officers under inter Circle transfer as per long stay criteria and who have requested for retention of medical grounds of self /family and education of 12th ward.  Copy <<<>>



AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for retention and change of Circle of SDE level officers under transfer as per long stay criteria and who have requested for retention of medical grounds of self/family and education of 12th ward or administrative reasons.  Order I   <<<>>>    Order II <<<>>>



AGM WL & Sports BSNL CO writes to Circles Heads and Presidents BSNL Circle Sports and Cultural Board for preparation of BSNL Sports calendar for the Year 2022-23.  Copy <<<>>



GM CM BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads endorsing policy for granting permission for TSP/ISP for installation of Towers/OFC and related Telecom Infrastructure framed by Odisha State Government and requesting other Circles to take up matter with concerned State Government for similar policy if same is not in existence till today.  Copy <<<>>



AGM BP IT BSNL CO issued revised tariff for global satellite phone.  Copy <<<>>



Jt. GM Pers BSNL CO issued orders making changes in present Quarterly OTP Request transfers to Six Monthly OTP Request Transfers.  Copy <<<>>

As per earlier procedure the OTP requests were to be submitted on Quarterly basis and now it is modified to six monthly.

In earlier guidelines date of consideration of request was also mentioned but same is not mentioned in these revised guidelines and uncertainty in considering transfers continues as seen in the past.  

The quarterly request was good option for Executives working at All India Hard/Soft tenure stations and now these Executives will have to apply six months before completion of their Hard /Soft tenure, so that request can be consideration just before completion of Tenure. SNEA CHQ will take up matter for accepting the application before six months of completion of Tenure.

SNEA CHQ will discuss with Pers Cell for suitable options for accepting request from All India Hard/Soft Tenure Stations and request on Critical illness/Medical ground transfers which cannot wait for six months and consideration of all such requests needs to be done on priority.

The OTP window for Request to be submitted in present quarter is Open and one who want request transfer in this quarter may apply for it and from next quarter, the procedure will be operated six monthly.

The OTP Requests submitted in last year but could not be considered till today are rejected and individuals may have received SMS for same and same can be checked from ESS.  All such executives are requested for review of their request and either they should opt for any other Circle or opt for same Circle and wait for the policy which is being framed by BSNL CO for considering requests to Circles having Excess Executive strength. SNEA CHQ has requested such policy in our last meeting with Director HR and such policy is under consideration.

Till there are any suggestions in improvement of this OTP transfer policy same may be submitted to Shri. Pavitra Singh AGS HQ {Mob 9415046646} email sneaagshq@

SNEA CHQ will take up all such issues for smooth functioning of OTP Portal as well as the hardship of executives is reduced to better extent.

Let us hope that though requests will be accepted six monthly, all the requests submitted are given consideration in Uniform Policy manner and not as done on pick and chose basis during quarterly transfers. 



AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for Modification/ Cancellation or Retention of Transfers orders as per individual requests as well as on administrative grounds.  Copy <<<>>

Apart from these requsts, some other requests for  Modification /Cancellation or Retention incuding request on medical grounds, immunity as per OB of Assocaition, Immunity being working at Vigilance section, Request for Change of Circle, retention of grounds of 12th STD ward etc are under consideration and accordingly orders will be issued in this week.



AGM Pers BSNL CO issued posting order of SDE joined BSNL after repatriation from TCIL and as per policy he is posted to CNTXNE Circle.  Copy <<<>>



DGM MMP BSNL CO writes Circle Heads calling for suggestions and feedback based on the field experience of Circles to suitably modify the present 15 years life of Power Plants.  Copy <<<>>

This action is being taken with meet goal of quality of maintenance of Power plant and approach required for improving the maintenance of the Power Plants and hence all concerned executives and DS/CS are requested to give timely feedback to Bas/Circles and to its copy may be sent to Shri. Malla Satya Prasad, JSS SNEA CHQ,  {Mob 9490000137 } by email on



Court case on Implementation of DoPT Orders for upgradation of Pay Scales of BSNL executives from E5 to E7 In continuation to correspondence made by then GS with BSNL management and when no response is received from BSNL, SNEA has filed an Application at CAT, New Delhi. This application finally submitted to Court on 04/07/2022 for demanding the SG DGM Scale i.e. E-7 as per Time Bound Promotion Policy.  

Our OA was Heard at Court No. 1 of Justice Manjula Das Bench on dated 15/07/2022. On Behalf of SNEA and its members Adv Mrs. Gauri Puri, represented the case to Hon Court. After preliminary arguments by our advocate Hon. Court ordered to issue notice to all the respondents for Submitting reply and next date of hearing are 02/09/2022. Shri. L.M. Singh DGM BSNL , SNEA alert & active member and one of the petitioners was present in the court during hearing.

Correspondence by then GS SNEA on the above subject.  Copy   <<<<>>>   



In response to request submitted by SNEA CHQ for implementation of reservation for PwBDs candidates, DGM SCT Cell BSNL CO writes GS SNEA conveying endorsement of the guidelines on 4% reservation for  PwBD cabdidates for its implementation in BSNL. Copy <<<>>      SNEA Request  <<<>>



Meeting with Shri. Rajeev Soni CGM EW BSNL CO: Shri. Satish Kumar, CS SNEA NTR Delhi, Shri. Arvind Pal Dahiya, President BSNL CO and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA had a meeting with Shri. Rajeev Soni, CGM EW BSNL CO on 19/07/2022 with reference to review of the rotational transfers well within the guidelines as framed by Pers Section and operated for Telecom wing.

CGM EW BSNL CO informed that there is no change in status as we have discussed earlier. He added that file for review of the transfers as per the revised guidelines framed by Pers Section is sent to Pers Section in mid of June 2022 and since then his office is waiting for concurrence. CGM EW firmly assured that the revised orders as per the requests received on the basis of the guidelines followed by Pers Section will be issued if the proposal is approved by Pers Section BSNL CO.

We specially requested about the arrangements of lift for Eastern Court Building as the executives and staff are facing hard in utilising second floor offices. We also narrated that due to non-availability of lift this building premises are less occupied. CGM EW informed that there is no proposal received by his office and if the administration section gives requisition, then it can be decided to install external lift on pillars as it is a heritage building.  CS SNEA NTR assured to submit the requisition for the same and CGM EW assured to look into it.

We have brought to the notice of CGM EW the poor condition of Air condition at Bharat Sanchar Bhavan and also in IR Hall. CGM EW informed that there was an issue of approval of works for replacement of life expired units of a centralized Air Conditioning plant but now the same has been received. The work of replacement of life expired plant will be taken care of when it is possible to go for shut down for 4 to 5 days continuously. About IR Hall AC poor conditions, CGM EW informed that the life of AC installed in IR Hall has expired and if requisition is received for its replacement, the same can be replaced.

After elaborate discussions on all these issues, the meeting concluded with thanks. 



AGM Nodal VVIP Visits BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads conveying revised SOP for VVIP Visits. Copy <<<>>



AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of transfer order of AO Kerala who was under long stay transfers to NE-II Circle and his transfer order is cancelled on medical grounds. Copy <<<>>



AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for retention of AGM Odisha who was under transfers to Bihar Circle and she is retained on administrative grounds. Copy <<<>>



Meeting with Shri. P.K. Purwar ji, CMD BSNL:Shri. Arvind Pal Dahiya, President SNEA BSNL CO and Shri. M.S. Adasul GS SNEA had a meeting with Shri. P.K. Purwar ji, CMD BSNL on 22/07/2022 and have detailed discussions on different development and HR issues.

At the very outset, we congratulated CMD BSNL for his focused approach on growth and development of BSNL and specially for the revival of BSNL with active support of the Government of India. We conveyed thanks and gratitude for certain breakthroughs in getting support from the Government of India. CMD BSNL in reciprocation conveyed that he alone cannot do anything but this is result of devoted efforts by all the Executives and employees of BSNL and he is representing them with the Government of India. He narrated that the Government recognises the actions taken by BSNL workforce in improving services after the VRS scenario and mainly the way BSNL performance has been improved during critical conditions of Pandemic Covid 19.He was optimistic that the support of the Government of India and DoT will continue and it is expected by them that the BSNL workforce also should focus on the overall growth of BSNL. CMD BSNL informed that though BSNL is performing well over the last two years by reduction of cost on expenditure, improvement of its Services, interactions with customers, there is much scope for further improvement. CMD BSNL narrated that the coming two years are very crucial for BSNL as a whole and it is our then it will be difficult to get further support. CMD BSNL especially appealed to all Executives and Non-Executives to come forward and join hands for restoration of golden days of BSNL responsibility that the opportunity given by the Government of India is converted in a success story. He added that this is possible, only if we all keep a focused approach on the growth and development of BSNL by keepingaside our personal interests for period of two years. He also stressed for the need of punctuality by the BSNL workforce and need of adhering to office reporting timings. CMD BSNL specifically pointed out that if BSNL miss this opportunity, then it will the most difficult situation further.

The details of point wise discussions are as follows.

Status and brief on support for Revival 2.0 for BSNL:We requested CMD BSNL about the status of the revival package 2.0 for the BSNL from the Government of India. CMD BSNL informed that the issues are being discussed at the highest level of the Government of India and since last one year he had been submitting presentations to different Committees and officers in DoT and the Government of India and a recent presentation is given in this week. CMD BSNL informed that he is very optimistic on getting support for BSNL as the Government of India really wants to support BSNL and has strong intention for the revival of BSNL. The support will be given through different projects to BSNL and it is the responsibility of BSNL to implement these projects successfully.If BSNL is successful in implementation of 80% projects in the time frame given by the Government of India, then it will be a big achievement. He added that GOI has no issue in extending support, but in all meetings, uncertainty is expressed about the timely implementation of any project and this is possible if one and all extend the support and take active part in execution of projects. CMD BSNL assured that there will be full support from Government of India and details will be finalised shortly and will be available on public domain. In conclusion he shared that it will not be appropriate to share the information before final approval of competent authoritybut was optimistic on full support of the Government of India for the revival of BSNL.

Need of Change in methodology in implementation of projectsWe brought to notice of CMD BSNL that presently BSNL is keeping a general approach in implementation of any projects and it is required that BSNL has to adopt to utilise the available manpower in the best possible manner. Everybody cannot be part of the project, but there is a need to make team/s of executives who can implement the project in a time bound manner. If we continue with the routinemethods, there are changes of missing targets. We further narrated that the information and action plan of BSNL management is good, but major failure in implementation of the projects. The viewsof executives working in the field are not given consideration and they are compelled to act as per directions of higher offices neglecting their difficulties. We also drew attention of CMD BSNL that the action plan and information available with BSNL CO are not reaching to the field units in real sense and there is a need of a special and corrective action so that the projects are implemented in a special and focused approach. CMD BSNL agreed to the concern expressed by us and assured that issues will be taken care with involvement of field units and special efforts will be made to pass on information to the field units.

Rumours on VRS and actual status:We categorically brought to the notice of CMD BSNL, about the Whats app SMS taking roundsin different groups about implementation of second VRSin BSNL as part of BSNL Revival Package 2.0 and it is official confirmation by some senior officers in office meetings and discussions.We narrated that this SMS has created unrest and anxiety among the working class of BSNL and who are in need of services are under fear of early retirement and who are in need of any such VRS package are feeling enlightened and waiting for early VRS. This has diverted focus of the workforce of the BSNL and there a need of official confirmation of it.CMD BSNL categorically informed that there will be no VRS in BSNL and information being spread on social media is wrong and misleading. We gave feedback that some senior officers are firmly telling that VRS is always package and in this package also it is included and the information by the senior officers has created unrest and there is a need of corrective action. CMD BSNL informed that it is analysed by the Government that there is a need of about 30000 workforces in BSNL as compared to private telecom operations and hence it was proposed and suggested by certain offices for VRS in BSNL, but by understanding need of workforce in implementation of projects and working pattern of PSU, it has been finally decided that there will be NO VRS in BSNL.

Replacement of all Rural Exchanges by providing FTTH through Partners OLTEWe brought to the notice of CMD BSNL how BSNL is running Rural Exchanges in heavy losses. We added that due to reduction in the number of lines, the overall revenue generated has gone down about the operational expenses are as it and increasing day by day. BSNL is making huge expenditure on Rent /Property Tax, Battery, Power plant, equipments, Electricity Charges, AMC for Mtce of OFC connectivity, AMC for maintenance of External plat, AMC for Mtce of Power Plant modules but said amount is not recovered from the revenue generated from running these exchanges with less line. We also added that customs are not getting higher quality of services like FTTH which are at the highest demand. WE suggested that to overcome the losses in all Rural Exchanges, BSNL should take strategic decision to replace these exchanges by installing OLTEs in all loss-making Exchange areas and all customers using landline/broadband may be converted to FTTH. This will save entire expenditure on Operations and Taxes as these Expenses can be borne by the BSNL partners on revenue sharing basis as being successfully done at other locations. This will add at least 50% revenue generated from FTTH connections to BSNLs account and 50% may be given to the BSNL partners. In some cases higher revenue share is paid to such partners and it will not be loss to BSNL as some percent will come to BSNL and BSNL will save expenditure of lakhs of rupees and there will be zero loss to BSNL. CMD BSNL appreciated the concern expressed by SNEA and added that instructions have been already issued for reducing expenditure on operations and also for closure of loss-making exchanges with small customer base. We narrated that though such instructions are there losing making exchanges are operational due to Wi-Fi Hotspots, BTS installed and till hundreds of exchanges are working which is causing recurring loss to BSNL. WE elaborated that if BSNL Managementtakea policy decision to replace all Exchanges and landline/BB Services by OLTE and FTTH services, all the losses will be brought to zero and BSNL will get certain fixed revenue and the only decision required is on one time cost of ONTs. CMD BSNL assured to look into the suggestion given by SNEA and take suitable decision on it.

Steps for strengthening Infra of Exchanges/BTSWe requested CMD BSNL that there are serious issues of Infrastructure mainly Battery sets and power plants for smooth operation of exchanges and BTS and all the Circles are looking at BSNL CO for support by supplying Battery sets and Power Plants. CMD BSNL responded that he is aware of the issues and necessary action is being taken to supply replacement/additional battery sets. Some Power Plants will also be procured depending on requirement by field units. CMD BSNL pointed out that there are critical issues in AMCs of Power Plants and he has been reported about mischievous repairing of Power Plant modules and he has already issued directions for taking corrective action for effective and economical repairing of Power plant modules. In conclusion CMD BSNL added that with the revival package, there will be much improvement in Infrastructure availability and only required in its optimum and effective utilisation by the field units.

Status of 4G GSM Services by BSNL:We requested CMD BSNL clear the clouds of uncertainty on the implementation of indigenous 4G Project and status of 4G services of BSNL under Atma Nirbhar Bharat project as somesections are spreading negativity about it. Also other operators are ready for the spectrum of 5G and BSNL has not yet started with 4G services and this is directly affecting growth of BSNL. CMD BSNL informed that the work of Indigenous 4G equipment is in progress and there are certain issues noticed and the same are being taken care of. It is not good on part of any stakeholder of BSNL, including its workforce, to doubt the project. Every new projecthas its constraints and the same is being taken care of. CMD BSNL agreed that there is delay in overall implementation of indigenous 4G Equipments, but it will be taken care of and decision on providing 4G services by BSNL will be taken care of shortly.

Monetisation of BSNL Towers and OFC: We requested CMD BSNL that the news of Monetisation of BSNL towers and OFC be seen in newspapers/media and this has created uncertainty among BSNL executives. One side BSNL is planning to expand its GSM network and upgrade it to 4G wherein the requirement of towers will be more and the other side the existing towers are being handed over to private operators. We narrated that the BSNL has incurred huge cost and manpower in installing these towers and the same cannot be handed over to private operators against the additional requirement of BSNL. It also understood that the towers which are earning high revenue for BSNL will only be shared and taken over by private operators and loss making towers will be with BSNL. This will adversely affect the BSNL GSM services and there are chances that important customers of BSNL will be diverted to other operators from the handing over of profit making towers. We also narrated that news is being spread that BSNL will have to pay charges for utilisation of these towers. CMD BSNL informed all thenews being spread are wrong and it is a fact that BSNL needs money from the monetisation. He further added BSNL will not have to pay any charges for utilisation of towers except as being paid now for Electricity Charges and other similar charges. BSNL will be using all the towers. We requested CMD BSNL as this is an issue related to the growth of BSNL, one special meeting may be called with leaders of AUAB BSNL so that issues can be discussed with more clarity once for all. CMD BSNL assured to conduct meeting accordingly to elaborate issues related to Monetisation of Towers and OFC infrastructure.

Status Merger of BSNL/MTNL with BSNL:We requested CMD BSNL about the status of merger of BSNL and MTNL. CMD BSNL informed that there are certain issues which needs to be resolved and merger will be possible only with resolution of these critical issues. As of now the services are being merged and BSNL is taking care of the majority services of MTNL and final decision on merger will be taken once the pending issues are being taken care of. There are issues of heavy loans on MTNL and payments of its Interest by MTNL. Though there are huge assents, the response in monetisation is not as desired.CMD BSNL further added that if MTNL Executives and employeesare willing to join BSNL as per the scales of BSNL in equivalent cadres, same will be permitted and who are not opting for joining BSNL with the Pay Scales of BSNL will be continuing in MTNL services and matter about their services will be decided accordingly. As such steps are being taken for operational merger to the best possible practical approach but administrative merger of MTNL with BSNL is not under active consideration and matter will be reviewed from time to time.

GSM Services in MTNL Area specially in Delhi and BSNL CO:We requested CMD BSNL for intervention on improvement of GSM services in MTNL area both in Delhi and Mumbai. If the services in important capitals and adjoining areas are improved there will be much growth in GSM services of BSNL/MTNL. We also narrated that BSNL has made certain changes but it has not helped in the improvement of overall GSM services and there is a need of special drive for improvement of service in MTNL area. We added that the services in BSNL Corporate office are also weak when there is smart city pole is installed and not utilised for GSM services. We requested to put BTS at BSNL Corporate office and also to improveservices in areas where these executives are using GSM Mobile in the MTNL area. CMD BSNL appreciated our concern and informed that certain steps are being taken in improvement of GSM services of MTNL, but as there is no addition of infrastructure in MTNL area for years together, many areas are uncovered and assured to take corrective action for improvement of GSM services in MTNL area.

Revised Procedure for temporary advances:We have requested CMD BSNL for further course of action in granting temporary advances and revised procedure for grantingTemporary advances through special mode. CMD BSNL informed that though proposal was given to Paytm, it has not certain restrictions on adding new customers and hence the over all process are delayed, but assured that the matter will be further explored and decided shortly as this will be helpful to field units and manpower in overall process will be reduced.We have drawn the attention of CMD BSNL that there are many requests of Temporary advances pending and money is not being paid for a long time, this has adversely affected the working in field units and many of the executives are compelled to put thousands of rupees from pocket. We also drawn the attention of CMD BSNL that some of the officers are receiving Temporary advances in multiple numbers without any hurdles and some are not getting even a single temporary advance though the same are duly recommended by BA Heads.CMD BSNL informed that no such case of Pending Temporary advances is reported to him and informed that there is no scarcity of allotment of funds for temporary advances as the total required for Temporary advances may be less than one crore and added that it is responsibility of the field Officers to use this amount carefully and only in the interest of BSNL. We added that we have already brought it to the notice of GM CA and he also has assured us clearing all temporaryadvances and he has assured for the same, buttill many advances are pending. We assured that we will again give details of pending Temporary advances to GM CA and hopefully all will be settled.CMD BSNL also assured to take a review of entire procedure and streamline it to maximum possible extent.

Issuing AGM Promotions by resolving bottleneck issue: We conveyed thanks to CMD BSNL and entire team of officers in BSNL CO for initiativestaken till today for issuing SDE to AGM promotions by holding different rounds of discussions over the last two months. We also narrated that though certain fundamental steps are taken by BSNL management till final orders are issued. The initiatives and discussions overthe last two months are all in vain as matter is held up on the bottleneck issue of procedure to be adopted on reservation. We added that non-issuing orders has created unrest among the SDEs who are aspirants of AGM promotions for a long time. With certain initiatives by BSNL management their hopes are high, but are not finding anything concrete by formallyissuing the Promotion order as AGMs. It is unfortunate that certain misleading messages are being spread among different whats app groups putting fuel and increasing unrest anduncertainty on AGM Promotions. We specificallyinformed that we want to draw attention of his office before one week, but we have not disturbed due to a meeting relatedthe revival package for BSNL. Now, when BSNL is to get the revival package, there is a need of some positive energy in BSNL and the same can be infused by issuing promotion orders wherein financial implication is about nil. CMD BSNL informed that he has already cleared the issues and requested associations to come to certain understanding on reservation issues, but same is not reciprocated by all the three associations. We informed that there was no issue on part of SNEA and AIGETOA and even by SEWA BSNL to go ahead with promotions as discussed in a special meeting held in the office of Director HR, but issues are related to signature of GS SEWA on the procedure to be adopted in giving promotions. We informed that already all the three associations and management have come to an understanding with the signature of all, then there is no need for fresh agreement or understanding as proposed by Management. We elaborated that we all have proposed to go ahead with DoPTguidelines and for any doubts clarification/confirmation can be taken from DoPT on the subject. We added that DoPT and DoT have issued promotion orders and no issue has been noticed in their promotions and the same procedure needs to be followed in BSNL.  We also narrated that GS SEWA has again and again confirmed his stand on issuing promotions during the combined meeting and by writing letters and till it is wrongly spread that the promotions are held up for signature of GS SEWA or other associations. We conveyedthat till unnecessary information about SEWA BSNL not signing forpromotions is being spread creating a negative impact on the overall process of AGM promotions. We clarified that we have discussed the issue with GS SEWA and we understand and agree with the difficulties expressed by him. Now it is the turn of BSNL managementto review of the overall process to resolve the bottleneck issue and requested CMD BSNL to take practical decision as Head of BSNL.  We have detailed discussions on the DoPT guidelines and procedures followed in different promotions and need of action on part of BSNL to issue AGM promotions without any further delay. After elaborate discussions, CMD BSNL was kind enough to give his consent for issuing AGM promotionorders on the basis of procedure and guidelines followed by DoPT in issuing promotion in their office. Accordingly Team of senior officers in BSNL will visit/get information from DoPT and accordingly the promotion orders will be issued for AGM cadre in all wings.Thus on the bottleneck issue of consent and signature of association leaders /GSs, finally CMD BSNL was kind enough to finally confirm that there is no need for signature or consent from any Association. We conveyed thanks to CMD BSNL and assured that such a firm decision on his part will definitely infuse energy among executives in BSNL. In conclusion of the discussions on an important and burning issue, CMD BSNL informed that the confirmation from DoPT will be taken under his direct supervision so that there is no delay in getting confirmation from DoPT so that promotion order can be issued at the earliest.  Accordingly, the SDE to AGM promotions for all wings are expected shortly

Issuing DGM Regular Promotions:We requested CMD BSNL to issue AGM to DGM Regular and DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular promotions so that the vacant post can be added in SDE to AGM Promotions also the looking arrangement can be stopped at majority locations. CMD BSNL informed that we should move one proposal at a time and let us finalize the proposal for SDE to AGM Promotions and assured that thereafter the proposal for DGM Promotions will be given consideration.We also requested for relaxation of four years financial criteria to completion of four years. CMD BSNL responded that he does not want to set the wrong trend of relaxation of conditions and all issues will be taken care in due time. In conclusion, CMD BSNLassured that management will give consideration for filling all vacant posts and in all wings, but all promotions cannot be processed at time but can be given one by one.

Expediting process of Internal MT Recruitment:We have requested CMD BSNL to expedite the procedure of Internal MT recruitment which has been restored by declaring results after directives from court. We cleared stand of SNEA that we always opposed External MTs but we have always demanded for Internal MT so that the talent available in BSNL is given opportunity to explore the talent and give his/her best to BSNL. We draw his kind attention that though BSNL has declared result and successful candidates are called for Group Discussions and Interviews, the dates for the same are not declared. Meantime confusions are being created by publishing an excel sheet by missing names of successful and unsuccessful candidates and this has created unrest among the successful candidates. In response CMD BSNL informed that his office is always promoting fast track promotions and Internal MT recruitment also one of the fast track promotions initiated three years before ago but was struck off in court cases. Now when the court has given directions results are declared and further process is also under consideration. He assured that further court of action will be taken to expedite the process and finally matter will be subject to the outcome of the court cases. In conclusion CMD BSNL informed that there is no reason for unrest among any executivesabout MT as this is fast track promotions for exploring talent within BSNL. In conclusion, CMD BSNL added that if issues are not dragged to court cases, BSNL management is firm to go ahead with MT recruitment so that in coming days BSNL have certain officers in its management who had ample experience of working in Telecom field.

Theother HR issues viz Action by BSNL on response received from DoT Standard Pay scales of E2 and E3 from 01/01/2007, Orders/ Instructions for implementation of E1 plus Five increments for JTOs/JAOs joined BSNL before 08/07/2014, Action by BSNL on response received from DoT on Time Bound Promotion to the BSNL Executives , SAB related issues, Keeping on hold the review of RRs & review the matter as fresh, Issuing Regular Promotions of all wings and all cadres, Restoration of facilities of All India Soft tenure stations and issues related and created due to Rotational Transfers could not be discussed in depth due to time constraint.

On these HR issues CMD BSNL informed that he will go through it, discuss with his team and then will take call on it. We informed that we are discussing these issues with concerned GMs/PGMs and Director HR and we have received positive responses but till conclusive decisions are not taken. We apprised specific cases of Standard Pay scales and Time Bound Promotions which are being discussed since last two months but all off sudden DGM SR and AGM SR have conveyed stand of BSNL during reconciliation meeting with DyCLC that both the demands are not acceptable to BSNL which nonfactual. Now we are discussing and getting positive response from PGMs/GMs and we will definitely discuss these issues with Director HR. But we just want to bring these issues to the notice of the Head of BSNL. We narrated that for going ahead with the different projects, BSNL has to create some positive energy and resolution of HR issues which are directly affecting executive fraternity is required at this stage. CMD BSNL assured to have a review of all these issues and directed us to discuss these issues in depth with Director HR.


The overall meeting lasted for about 50 minutes and conveyed thanks to CMD BSNL for sparing time giving consideration to certain issues on top most priority.



Meeting with Mrs. Samita Luthra GM Recruitment & Training BSNL CO: Shri. Satish Kumar CS SNEA NTR Delhi, Shri. Arvind Pal Dahiya President SNEA BSNL CO and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA had a meeting with Mrs. Samita Luthra GM Rect/Trg BSNL CO on 19/07/2022 and had  detailed discussions on the following issues.

Finalization and Publication of yearly Calendar of Different Exams being conducted by BSNLWe have drawn attention of GM Rect BSNL CO on the need of preparation and publishing calendar for conducting different LDCE, LICE Examination being conducted during the year. We narrated that in absence of a firm calendar by BSNL, there is abnormal delay in conduction of examinations and delayed examinations are causing different disputes among executives about seniority cum fitness quota and the competitive quota and many executives are directly deprived from opportunity of writing examination. We also added that non-conduction of timely examinations is one of the reasons for more and more court cases keeping the entire process of promotion on hold. We categorically brought to her notice that due to random examination every LDCE Exam in BSNL is taken to court and it may be please seen that in about all cases of LDCE passed executives are deprived from the benefits which are normally due after successfully clearing LDCE Examination and at the same time unrest is created among other executives who are waiting for their promotion through DPC. We requested that to overcome all these issues, finalization of the yearly Calendar for examination and filling vacancies created thereof. GM Rect/Trg informed that she is aware about the issue and already initiatives have taken for conduction of some examinations and presently JTO LICE examination is being conducted. She agreed to the concern expressed by SNEA but informed that it is difficult to adhere to the dates of Examination due to different reasons like MV of association, general elections etc. We responded that in such cases the date of said examination can be postponed, but BSNL should have action plan for conducting all examination and filling all vacant posts. and assured to prepare the calendar for holding LDCE/LICE examination and filling all vacant posts in all cadres and all wings.  

Issues related to MT Recruitment: We requested GM Rect/Trg about the present status of the MT recruitment as certain news are again being spread about cancellation of MT recruitment process. We also narrated that her office has only published a list of successful candidates and called them for Group discussions and interviews but dates for the same are not yet given. We requested to confirm where BSNL management is continuing the process and if there is a proposal to again keep on hold. GM Rect/Trg informed that this process was on hold due to court cases and now the court has given clearance and accordingly her office has published the result of Examination. Other issues related to the further process of recruitment of MTs is under active consideration along with other procedures for moving ahead the process. She added that dates of the Interview and Group Discussions will be finalized after approval of competent authority and details will be published shortly.  She informed that if no any other issue is created, then the process will be completed. She added that as of today BSNL is going on with the process and there is no chance of keeping on hold this process from management side and matter will be finally decided as per the outcome of the pending court cases. We also narrated that some more court cases are being expected and what is the stand of BSNL, wherein she responded that the legal issues are taken care of by the Pers Section and the same can be confirmed from Pers section. She concluded that the process of MT recruitment is under active consideration by resolution of issues as BSNL is in need of some officers in BSNL management and the candidates of MT Internal examination are experienced hands of BSNL and their enhancement at management level will be helpful in overall growth of BSNL and hence BSNL will go ahead with this process but matter will be finally decided by Director HR/ CMD BSNL.

Request for change in attaching Circles to Training CentreWe narrated the difficulties faced by the executives of some Circle who are allotted odd Training Centers after restructuring norms. We categorically mentioned the request by Rajasthan Circle for attaching it to ALTTC Ghaziabad instead of BRBRAITT Jabalpur and same may be case from some other Circles. We added that infrastructure wise all training centres are equally ready and any Training Centre can take care of some more executives. This will save the valuable time of executives and the working manpower of the executives. After elaborate discussions she assured to look into issues and take review of the request received from Circles. We also requested for extension of the date for TBP examination due to certain unavoidable reasons of Covid 19 and one request from Rajasthan Circle is pending. She informed that though such a request is received by her office, the same is to be taken care of by the Pers section and it will be forwarded to Pers section for further necessary action on it.

After elaborate discussions on these issues for about half an hour, the meeting concluded with thanks.  



AGM DPC SM BSNL CO published revised Final seniority list of SDEs which is finalized by incorporating objections raised by individuals and subject to outcome of Court case in Madras High Court. Copy <<<>>



AGM Pers DPC BSNL CO writes reminder letter to Circle Heads, calling for pending information for preparation of works of All India Eligibility (AIEL) No. 6 for JTOs in Telecom wing. Copy <<<>>



In DO letter to Circle Heads, CMD BSNL writes for procurement of goods and services only through GeM portal and not from any other Portal. Copy <<<>>



DGM New Business BSNL CO issued revised EOI for empanelment of Software as a Service (SaaS) provider at National and Circle level . Copy <<<>>



AUAB CHQ strongly opposes the handing over of BSNL’s towers and optic fibre to the private, and demands to immediately drop the implementation of the National Monetisation Pipeline and gives call to organise Black-badge wearing lunch hour demonstrations on 28/07/2022, at the Corporate Office, Circle and BA levels protest.  Circular  <<<>>  Notification  <<<>>

All CS are requested to coordinate with CS of other unions/association and District Secretaries and to bring awareness among all and make this call for Lunch Hour Demonstration grand success and register the strong protest against handing over BSNL Towers and Optical Fiber to private operators.  



DGM CFA BSNL CO issued clarification on PRI to SIP migration with FTTH connectivity where customer do not require SIP to PRI gateway. Copy <<<>>



GM ERP/CA BSNL CO issued directions to Circle to continue process of deduction of recoveries of P & T Societies from monthly salary of the employees. Copy <<<>>



DGM S &M CM BSNL CO issued modified guidelines for the engagement of Apprentices under Apprentice Act for Sales & Marketing under CM verticalCopy <<<>>



AGM Rectt BSNL CO issued endorsed instructions issued by his office about duties and responsibilities of Exam Co-ordinator (EC), Examination Superintendent (ES) and Examination Observer (EO) for conduction of JTO LICE with directions to Circles to comply with itCopy <<<>>



Meeting with CGM BW BSNL CO: On 19/07/2022, Shri. Arvind Pal Dahiya President SNEA BSNL CO, Shri. O.P Sain EX OS SNEA BSNL CO and Shri. M S. Adasul GS SNEA have meeting with Shri. P. Dayal CGM BW BSNL CO in his chamber and discussed different HR and development issues related to Civil wing. We specially requested him to review the Rotational transfers and give relief to the executives who are waiting for long time for relief from the Transfers at odd and difficult stations.

 At initial stage there was reluctance on part of CGM BW and he informed that whatever possible care is taken in issuing SDE Civil transfers and there is no scope for modifications, changes etc. He added that Civil wing has a smaller number of Executives and if one transfer modified, entire order needs to be reviewed. He added that as per justification norms, only 70% strength is available in Civil wing and it is but natural that work load of other executives has increased. He shared that whatever are the guidelines given to him are followed and he has not received any fresh information and till anything is received from Pers Cell, he cannot take action.

We have drawn attention of CGM BW BSNL CO towards the policy guidelines which are not followed while issuing Transfers in Civil wing. CGM BW informed that all these guidelines are already followed by Civil wing and he is not aware about any fresh guidelines. We also narrated that SNEA has already discussed to PGM/GM Pers and Director HR and it has been principally agreed to follow the principles followed in Telecom wing transfers in transfers of all wings.

We have narrated that Civil wing has not given weightage to the services rendered by Executives in All India Soft Tenures. We referred two specific cases and also shared the guidelines for soft tenure stations pointing out with clauses of the counting of stay on completion of soft tenure stations. After going through details, CGM BW informed that as per his information these guidelines are followed by Civil wing also and if not followed same will be reviewed and stay of executives will be recalculated and transfers will be modified accordingly

We further brought to his notice the policy guidelines framed by Pers Cell to give retention to Executives whose son/Daughter is appearing Board examination in this year. CGM BW informed that he is not aware about such guidelines and asked us copy of such orders if any. We informed him that there are no any specific and written guidelines, but recently certain orders in Telecom wing are modified on these grounds based on the discussions SNEA had with Director HR. We shred copy of the retention order issued by Pers Cell for retention up to 31/03/2022. He assured that he will discuss with GM Pers and if it has been decided by Pers Cell, his office will also follow it for Civil wing transfers and retention orders will be issued accordingly.

We further requested for cancellation of Transfers of Executives who have applied for the Voluntary Retirement and to consider their request for retention and allow them to take Voluntary Retirement from the present place of working. CGM BW informed that it has been already decided to accept the Voluntary Retirement by cancellation of transfers orders and all such transfer orders will be cancelled as done in Telecom wing.  

We further shared the consolidated information which can help in rearranging executives by following 10% maximum transfer Criteria and how relief can be given to some of the executives by rearrangements in revised circumstances and proposal which can be given consideration to posts which will be vacant as posted SDE has opted for Voluntary Retirement and where other executives are ready to join as these places are suitable them. We requested to give consideration to all such requests for change/retention. Initially CGM BW was not ready for it, but when we elaborated how this will solve the purpose of these SDEs as well as BSNL, he assured to check its possibilities.

We requested CGM BW to update us about preparations of the SDE to EE and JTO to SDE Promotions in Civil wing CGM BW informed that his office is ready with the list and data for promotions for SDE to EE and once the issues are cleared with clear direction to his office to go ahead with promotions, same can be issued with short notice. On JTO Civil to SDE Civil Promotions, he informed that after completion of EE promotions, the vacant post can be filled by SDE Civil promotions and its data and information is also ready and SDE Civil promotions will be issued after EE Civil promotions. He shared that as number of executives in Civil wing are less as compared to Telecom wing, it is not difficult job for his office and will be taken care after direction from Pers Cell.   

We have further discission on progress of Land Monetization and it was informed by CGM BW that though efforts are being taken the desired response is not being received but continuous efforts are made in this direction wherein partial success has been received. We discussed different ideas about speedy land monetization and how the process can be expediated. CGM BW informed that there are certain rules, guidelines and conditions are framed by Government of India and same needs to be strictly followed and firmly assured that all possible steps will be taken well these guidelines.

We have elaborate discussions of different issues and in conclusion we conveyed thanks to CGM BW for sparing time and having detail discussions and requested him to review the transfers as per request of individual’s to best possible extent and give them relief. CGM BW assured to look into all issues raised by association and assured to discuss the issues with Pers Cell and take corrective action as early as possible. 



AGM SEA BSNL CO issued long awaited Inter Circle Own Cost Request Transfers of AOs submitted under OTP Portal in different Quarters and were not giving consideration till date. Copy <<<>>

SNEA Congratulates to all the Executives of Account wing who got their choice Circle as per their requests and assures other executives of other wings whose requests are yet not given consideration for persuasion of their requests

With this order, all the OTP requests of AOs submitted till last quarter of completed by June 2022 are given consideration. Till any request has been missed, chances of same are less, same may be please brought to notice of DS/CS SNEA concerned so that same also can be pursued for consideration. 



AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of transfer order of SDE under PwBDs category who was facing hardship for last one month. Copy <<<>>

Mrs. Varsha Hatwar, SDE Wardha was one of the serious victims of rotational transfers. Even though she is having critical issues in moments as she is using wheelchair due to 78% Benchmark Disability, she was transferred from Wardha MH to CNTXW and she was also relived before month.  As per the guidelines issued by Government of India, the PwBDs candidates are having immunity from Transfers but it was stated that she will be posted at same station but with change of Circle.

Understanding difficulties faced by Mrs. Hatwar, the matter was taken up by DS SNEA Wardha, CS SNEA MH at respective level for settlement of her grievances so that she can join duties either at transferred place or retained at same station.  But CNTXW could not post her at same Station Wardha and reported same to Pers Cell BSNL CO.

Finally matter was taken up with Director HR BSNL Board, and was given brief about her genuine difficulties and in his human approach he has issues immediate directors to PGM Pers to issue her cancellation order. Now her transfer order is cancelled and she is retained at same post.

SNEA CHQ conveys thanks to Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar ji Director HR BSNL Board for giving consideration to genuine difficulties faced by Mrs Varsha Hatwar and giving her justice by cancellation of transfer order which was wrongly issued and she has to undergo hardship.   



AGM SR BSNL CO writes to GS SNEA asking for views and suggestions on proposed partial modifications in facility of immunity from transfer to recognized and support association and suggestions are to be given latest by 29/07/2022. Copy <<<>>

It is fact that certain individuals are misusing facility of immunity by becoming the Office Bearers of non-existing branches and even at some SSAs only 2-3 executives due for transfers become OBs eligible for immunity and formed branches even though such executives were paid members of other association. Many such cases were reported during last two years and hence such partial modification is suggested by management. If there were no such attempt to misuse the immunity, there was no need of any such modification.

It can be seen that many suggestions proposed cannot be and will not be accepted by SNEA but the suggestions which will be in larger interest of BSNL and for arresting misuse of immunity will be supported by SNEA.  

All the CS/DS and activists of SNEA are requested to send their suggestions to Shri. Pavitra Singh AGS HQ by email on latest by 26/07/2022 so that same can be included in the final letter which will be submitted by SNEA CHQ. 



AGM SR BSNL CO writes to GS SNEA to provide views and suggestions on proposed on draft policy for allotment of accommodations to Unions/Associations of BSNL. Copy <<<>>

The allotment of Accommodations to Unions/Associations is matter under consideration as some of the non-existing associations/unions are allotted the accommodations and recognized and support association are not allotted accommodations even after repeated request.

Recently, SNEA CHQ has requested for allotment of Staff Quarters for SNEA CHQ at Delhi and this matter has been reviewed by committee and views are being asked from associations for allotment of staff quarters to Unions/Association under CROP policy.

Till now, rent free accommodations are provided to all Unions and Associations as routine procedure but when it has been requested by Recognized and Support association, some policy is being drafted. It is not sure, where this policy will be implemented in true spirt as shown in letter or not implemented under pressure created on the management as seen in the past, we will submit our views as per time given. This may be either one more ideas of BSNL management to get revenue for BSNL or may be attempt to avoid allotment of Staff Quarters to recognized and support association and time will prevail the truth.

All the CS/DS and activists of SNEA are requested to send their suggestions to Shri. Rajesh Manchan, VP SNEA HQ by email on latest by 26/07/2022 so that same can be included in the final letter which will be submitted by SNEA CHQ. 



Status of Pending OTP Request Transfers: SNEA CHQ is getting many queries about consideration of Inter Circle Request Transfers submitted under OTP in different quarters. It is fact that the window for Quarter II of this year is due for opening, but till many requests submitted at introduction of OTP and pending and not given consideration and some Requests given in recent/last OTP are given consideration.

In this regard, it is to inform that partial transfer orders in Telecom wing are issued giving consideration to request on medical and spouse working ground and all other transfers are pending.

SNEA CHQ is pursuing for issuing all pending Transfer orders. In lour last meeting, the Director HR was kind enough to give consent to issue all request transfer submitted under different Quarters but pending under OTP except request to Circles having excess Executives. He has also given directions to GM Pers BSNL CO to form methodology for giving consideration to the OTP request transfers to Circles having excess Executives and to give consideration to all pending requests as per this well defined policy.

It is to inform that the OTP request of Account wing Executives are under consideration and till hopefully now requests to BSNL CO and request from All India Hard Tenure stations are given consideration. The proposal for giving consideration to left out Account Officers who have applied till last quarter is under consideration and at final stage of approval by competent authority. 

Hopefully OTP Transfer orders for Account wing executives will be issued within two to three days. In Telecom wing the proposal for giving consideration to requests in AGM Cadre is under process and request transfers of SDEs will be given consideration thereafter. 

SNEA CHQ is also pursuing for giving consideration of OTP Inter Circle requests of Civil and Electrical wing and we are hopeful that all pending OTP request of both the wings will also be issued shortly. 



AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued orders for retention /cancellation of Transfer orders of SDEs working at ITPC wherein three SDEs are retained at ITPC Pune till 30/09/2022 and order of One SDE is cancelled. Copy <<<>>



AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued Transfer orders of SDEs from QA & Inspection Circle as per restructuring norms and all these SDEs are posted within the Territory of same Telecom Circle. Copy <<<>>



Meeting with Director HR BSNL Board: Shri. Rajesh Manchan, VP SNEA CHQ, Com. Tata Babu Treasurer SNEA CHQ and Shri. M.S Adasul GS SNEA had a meeting with Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar ji, Director HR BSNL Board on 08/07/2022 and discussed left out issues related to rotational transfers. In this meeting Shri. S. N Gupta, GM Pers BSNL CO and Shri. O. N. Tiwari Jt. DGM Pers BSNL CO were also present. The details of issues discussed and decisions taken is as follows.

Cancellation of Rotational transfer Out of All India hard tenure stations:  SNEA has once again drawn attention of Director HR about hardship faced by the executives in All India Hard tenure stations by their Transfers on name of rotational transfer. We elaborated that though break in length of service is given to executives who have worked at soft tenure stations given break, but same is not extended to Executives in hard tenure stations. After elaborate discussions, Director HR assured to review the transfers out of all India hard tenure stations and directed GM Pers to review the cases on the basis of the tenure completed by these executives so as to take final call on their retention in the same circles.

Restoration of Benefits of Soft Tenure stationsWe have again drawn attention of Management on non-adherence to guidelines issued for soft tenure stations. Director HR informed the guidelines are very clear and he has already decided that those who worked and completed soft tenures of three years will be given soft tenure benefits and their stay will be recalculated either by reducing length of service or by applying in break in total length service as per guidelines. But he clearly said that the executives who are working at soft tenure stations and who have not completed three years tenure will not be given consideration.  He directed Jt GM Pers to take action accordingly.


Request for Retention on grounds of completion of 56 years: We have drawn attention of Director HR on the hardship faced by executives who are transferred when they are age barred for any Inter Circle Transfers and requested for cancellation of all such orders.  Director HR informed that as per his information all such executives have joined as all posted to nearby Circles and few only are left and they also should join following the orders and priority will be given to them to bring back on the basis of age criteria.

Pending request for retention on medical grounds: We conveyed thanks for giving consideration to all the requests for retention/cancellation on medical grounds in an humanitarian approach and requested to give consideration to left out cases. It was informed by Jt GM that all the cases where ERP entry has been made have been given consideration and no case is pending. We elaborated that there are some cases who could not be uploaded in ERP prior to ERP relieving by Circles due to delay in getting medical certificates or ERP data is updated but it is missed in the earlier list. GM Pers informed that all such cases will be given consideration.

Retention of Station of Executives with Benchmark Disabilities and Medical groundsWe brought to notice of Director HR that some of executives with genuine medical grounds and having Benchmark Disabilities are transferred from Telecom Circle to Non-Recruiting Circle or vice versa with assurances to post them at the same Station in transferred Circle. But they are not given the same station due to certain administrative reasons of vacancy and these executives are facing problems and their services are not being used properly. Director HR responded that all such cases need to be given consideration by CGMs concerned and if it is not possible for any reason, the transfer of that executive will be cancelled and he/she will be retained at the same Circle/Station.

Consideration of Left out request for change of Circle: We conveyed special thanks to then PGM Pers and GM Pers for giving consideration to the majority of request for change of Circle. But in a few cases, requests for change of Circle to deficit Circle in SDE Cadre and for any Circle in AGM Cadre will be given consideration. As followed in earlier cases.

Request for retention on Educational Grounds: We have again brought to notice of Director HR, that though he has taken policy decision to grant retention to executives whose ward is appearing Board Examination but same is not given consideration. Director HR informed that his office has decided to give consideration to the requests of female executives whose daughter/son is appearing for 12th STD Board in Mar-May 2023 and no other educational ground requests will be given consideration. We conveyed that it was decided to give retention in such cases to male and female executives and such gender bias will not serve purpose. The role and mother and father are equally important, Finally Director HR assured to give consideration to all requests for retention up to 31/03/2023 and thereafter these executives will be relieved. We conveyed that we also have agreed for it but since then no action has been taken for giving consideration of such requests. Director HR informed that he has approved the file for same before one month and only remaining cases need to be given consideration. We elaborated that till today no single case is given consideration and all requests are pending. Director HR asked DGM Pers reasons for not issuing the orders even after his approval and expressed dissatisfaction. DGM Pers informed that as per directions of then PGM Pers file was kept on hold and assured to release it immediately. In conclusion, as policy decision, Director HR directed to give consideration of all such cases without further delay and accordingly request for retention on grounds of wards studying in XIIth STD will be given consideration for retention up to 31/ 03/2023.

Review of Transfers of ACETF executives at par with Telecom wingWhile we convey thanks for giving of transfers in Telecom wing as per the Transfer policy guidelines, we also conveyed that none of such request is given consideration till today. We specifically drawn attention of Director HR to the fact that criteria of 10% criteria have been violated in two to three times for TN, MH and HP circles and there is need for review of such transfers which are affecting the overall performance of Circle and mainly it will have direct impact on land monetisation works.  We have met CGM EW and he has informed us that he has processed the file for same and the matter is to be decided by the Pers Section and if approved all such cases will be given consideration. We have discussed with CGM BW and he is of the opinion that till such instructions are issued by the Pers Section his office cannot take any review. Same is case with transfers of TF wing, when there is proposal by BSNL to close all TF, there is no base for transfers of Executives in TF from one TF to other TF and they can be given option to work in Telecom wing of same Circle or other Circle by giving the chance for submission of revised option. After elaborate discussions, Director HR assured that Review of Transfers of ACETF executives will be done in line with the policy guidelines adopted for the mainstream Telecom wing.

Firm assurance to bring back Executives who followed Long Stay Orders: We have drawn attention of management on the fact that executives who have followed the orders and joined at or will be joining at transferred places are under fear of uncertainty of returning back to their home Circle or Circle of choice after completion of their two years tenure at transferred place. We also pleaded that there is a need for firm assurances to bring them back so that left out executives will also join the transferred places and this decision will definitely create positive energy and belief in the actions and decision of management. We also narrated that those options are called for posting in Bihar as special case and it is being informed that on completion of tenure, he/she will be posted back to his home/choice Circle. After elaborate discussions, Director HR agreed to the request by association and assured that executives posted in Circles other than Bihar Circle will be brought back after completion of three years and executives posted in Bihar Circle will be brought back after completion of three years. He directed GM Pers to issue specific orders for the same.

Request for retention on grounds of Vigilance working: We have conveyed that the decision has been taken to retain the executives who have not completed their tenure in Vigilance section but orders are not issued for a long time. Jt GM Pers responded that request for retention on grounds of working in Vigilance will be given consideration till the period of said executives in Vigilance section.

Grant of Immunity to Executives to OBs of SNEA: We have elaborated issues related to grant of facilities of Immunity and ERP relieving of some of eligible officers. We conveyed that Pers cell may take time for consideration of Immunity, but the executives who are eligible for immunity, but still relieved through ERP, need to be restored. Jt GM Pers informed that all the requests of Immunity are sent to SR section and some partial cases are received. Remaining cases are expected to be received and accordingly the order for granting immunity to eligible OBs will be issued. We have again drawn attention that the immunity should be granted at the same the place of posting and not by changing posting from Telecom Circle to Non-Recruiting Circle and Vice versa. If it is done so, the same may be treated as transfer and final order and concerned OBs may not be further relieved on pending transfers. Director HR directed to grant immunity at the same place of posting and after completion of the immunity period, the concerned OB will be relieved. We further discussed restriction on granting immunity to those who are elected as OBs after 02/02/2022 and conveyed that Management has to see the spirit of electing OBs. If the District Conference is due, and Election is conducted then there is a chance of misuse, but if elections are conducted before the period of earlier body is over or by co-option by premature resignation by others thereby vacating the post to others, this may lead to misuse as predicted by Management. After elaborate discussions, Director HR assured that the request for immunity of OB who are elected after 02/02/22 till date of order will be given consideration if the District Body is not formed as premature action or OB is not elected under co-option to get out of turn benefits of immunity by ascertaining facts from Circles.

Restoration of ERP Relieving in specific casesWe have narrated that though requests of some executives for grant of immunity, retention on educational grounds, medical grounds, submission of VRS etc are under consideration but these executives are relieved by Circles/Corporate office through ERP. We requested for early consideration of their requests or retain them in ERP and his request may be decided suitably and no issue of time taken for it. Finally GM Pers informed that requests for restoration of ERP relieving in case of immunity cases and cases of VRS will be given

Modification/Changes in OTP Portal: We gave gentle reminder to Director HR for incorporation of suggestions given by SNEA in smooth implementation of OTP requests. Director HR conveyed that all these suggestions will be reviewed and taken care of shortly.

Consideration of pending OTP Requests: We conveyed unrest among the executives who are waiting for their request transfers for years together and stressed for the need of consideration of request transfers without further delay. Director HR assured us for consideration of all such orders. Jt GM Pers narrated that there is issue in issuing transfers to Circles having excess executive strength and to find out methodology for giving consideration to OTP requests to Circle having excess Executives and giving consideration to all such requests in policy manner.

Discussions on other important points: When we were about to complete the discussions on Rotational Transfers, CMD BSNL invited Director HR for an urgent meeting. Director HR informed us that discussions on the other points will be held next week at suitable time. Agenda <<<>>

The overall discussion lasted for one and half hour and it was very fruitful wherein except 56 years completed retention will be given consideration in time bound matter. In conclusion of meeting, we conveyed thanks to Director HR, GM Pers and Jt GM Pers for giving consideration to the concern expressed by association and assurances for corrective action.



5.5% Increase in IDA : AGM Estt BSNL CO endorsed DPE OM for 5.5 % increase in IDA for and its implementation in BSNL w.e.f. 01/07/2022. Copy <<<>>



AGM Pers II BSNL CO issued orders for retention of Executives under Rotational transfers and who have requested for retention on grounds of VRS, Ward studying in 12th Standard and administrative grounds. Copy <<<>>


SNEA CHQ has taken up these cases as per the provisions of BSNL Transfer Policy and guidelines thereof with Director HR BSNL Board and same are given consideration now. Similar requests for retention, left out requests for Cancellation of transfers on medical grounds, reduction of total number of transfers limiting to 10% Criteria, change of Circle, corrections in Stay particulars, Weightage to Services rendered at Soft Tenure, Immunity as OB of associations etc are under active consideration and hopefully it will be given consideration in this week.  



Provisional AIEL No 6 for JAOs 2016 published: In continuation of the information given by SNEA CHQ, AGM Pers DPC JM BSNL CO published the Provisional All Indi eligibility list i.e. AIEL No. 6 of 1119 JAOs from batch 2016 with directions to Circles to check and confirm data from relevant service records and vide publicity among concerned JAOs. Copy <<<>>

The concerned JAOs are requested to check for correctness of data and their position in the list and submit representation about corrections/modifications required in data or seniority if any latest by to GM/DGM HR of concerned Circle latest by 25/07/2022 and Circles have to send these representations after verification of service records to SEA Cell latest by 08/08/2022.

The work for AIEL No 7 for JAOs batch 2018 is also in full swing and in similar manner AIEL No. 7 will also be published within period of fortnight. 



AGM SEA BSNL CO issued awaited request Transfers of AOs working at All India Hard tenures stations wherein request of four AOs is given consideration and longest stayed AOs are posted as substitute to them. Copy <<<>>



AGM RN CFA BSNL CO issued directions to Circles for following already issued, using latest equipments for connectivity and compulsory presence of CGMs during the Hon. PM visits in BSNL Service area. Copy <<<>>



Status of Court Case: Hearing of Court Case in Chandigarh CAT scheduled on 14/07/2022 could not be held and next hearing is scheduled on 23/08/2022. 



Warm Welcome to newly joined members in SNEA Family: It is nice to see that with the devoted efforts of Activists, Districts/Circle Office Bearers, Circle Secretaries and CHQ OB, hundreds of executives all over Circles of new members are joining SNEA family all over India.

SNEA CHQ wholeheartedly welcomes the Executives who have shown faith in SNEA by filling membership form of SNEA. Warm Welcome to all. Your joining in masses to the SNEA family has boosted our morale and doubled our energy as leaders of this Prestigious association known for its fighting spirit and resolution of issues by successful negotiation with management and Government.  

We firmly assure each and every member of SNEA, that SNEA 2.0 will continue its sincere and devoted efforts on resolution of the pending HR issues and issues related to growth and development of BSNL.

Today 15/07/2022, is the last date for submission of Membership form for changeover or withdrawal of existing membership of other associations. There is a need to submit all such forms to concerned Salary Disbursing Officers under due acknowledgement. All DS are requested to submit the Membership forms collected to Salary Disbursing Officers by today itself with due acknowledgement.

It is better that all forms are also submitted in a soft copy by email. All DS are specially requested to have final touch in collections of the membership forms by one to one approach and submit its hard copies in time to AO concerned under acknowledgement along with soft copy by email so as to avoid any complication.

Though this window for changeover or withdrawal of membership will be closed today, the executives who are not members of any association can fill up SNEA Membership form at any time and DS concerned has to submit it to AO concerned latest by 10th of every month. SNEA welcomes all these executives and extending supporting SNEA and strengthening BSNL.

SNEA Zinadbad !!. Executive Unity Zindabad. !!!!



DGM SCT Cell BSNL CO endorsed DoPT guidelines for reservation in promotions for the Executives with Benchmark Disabilities (PwBDs) with directions for necessary action and strict compliance on it.  Copy <<<>>



All India Eligibility List of JAOs 2016 & 2018 Batches: As informed earlier, the work of AIEL No. 6 for JAOs batch 2016 Batch completed and same has been approved by Director HR BSNL Board and same will be published within day or two. The work of AEIL No 7 for JAOs batch 2018 is going on and hopefully it also will be published in coming week. 



Dy CLC Central New Delhi conveys the postponement of the reconciliation meeting with BSNL and SNEA scheduled on today i.e. 14/07/2022 to 11/08/2022, as BSNL management has asked time for submission of written statements with full facts on action taken by BSNL  as asked by DyCLC in settlement of implementation of Time Bound promotions and Implementation of Standard Pay Scale w.e.f. 01/01/2007 . Copy <<<>>

The last reconciliation meeting between SNEA and BSNL was held by DyCLC in meeting held on 30/06/2022 and BSNL was directed to submit compliance on action taken on letter dated 24/03/2022 and discussions held in reconciliation proceedings within weeks period and SNEA was directed to submit its say on the written reply by BSNL on settlement of the demands of young executives raised by SNEA in its 66 days agitational programme.

Let us hope these two important issues related to carrier progression and recurring losses of thousands of rupees  in monthly payment of young Executives in BSNL are settled shortly with further positive actions from BSNL and it’s approval by DoT. 



AGM Estt IV BSNL Corporate Office issued Rule 9 Temporary Transfer Orders of JTOs for deputation for period of one year.  Order I <<<>>    Order II <<<>>



AGM BW HR BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for modification of transfer orders of two SDEs in Civil wing by interchanging Circles as per the request given by individuals and pursued by SNEA.  Copy <<<>>



GS SNEA CHQ writes to PGM SR BSNL Corporate Office Request to look into the issues reported in submission of New Membership, Changeover or withdrawal of the membership of associations and deduction of Membership subscription towards associations.  Copy <<<>>



Need of awareness among BSNL Executives about Choosing Membership of Association: The window for change over, withdrawal or submission of new Membership is open since 16/06/2022 and will be closing by 15/07/2022. By now many of the executives in BSNL have decided about his/her Membership and left out may be deciding it in remaining four days period. The executives in BSNL are highly educated and talented and all are well aware about the benefits and consequences of choosing or opting to right or wrong association by filling Membership form.

As such, there is no need of any special campaign, but till some groups are pressuring for joining membership of particular association. When there is need of brotherhood among Executives to get our issues resolved with strongest Unity, some are trying to break this unity by spreading misleading information on What’s app group and social media. 

The executives in BSNL are feeling pressure through different messages about achievements and failures of other associations and it is quite natural when window is open. It is well known that after closure of window such activeness disappears and this is real reason for pendency of the HR issues.

For any PSU, only one association for executives is in existence, but in BSNL even though PSU, the multiple associations are existing and till some individuals are trying to form new associations and joining agenda of certain officers in BSNL to divide unity of executives. But over the period executives have understood the need of Unity of Executives which has become must after VRS Scenario when strength of executives has been reduced in some Circles by 40 to 50 %.

Till now, it was propagated that SNEA which is majority association and has not done much for resolution of HR issues of BSNL recruits. Though it was not factual, but may be due to anti-incumbency same was believed by some of young executives and senior executives even though majority of them are/were members of SNEA, and have voted against SNEA and hence SNEA has become support association and AIGETOA has become Majority association and from then two year’s time has passed.

It can be seen that after changeover of majority association status from SNEA to AIGETOA and giving time of two years also the pendency of HR issues is not reduced rather it is being increased. In new trend, the executives in BSNL are being harassed on name of rotational transfers with 26 years stay policy which is in non-existence in transfer policy, transfers from Telecom Circle to Non-Recruiting Circles are being issued, choice of Telecom Circle or Non-Recruiting Circle is not given consideration even after completion of Hard Tenure,  though entire data of request transfers is available under OTP portal of ERP then also certain officers in management are issuing transfer orders of selective executives on pick and choose basis, and requests  of many executives are not given consideration for last one year.

The functional Time Bound Promotions policy is derailed and the attempts are being made to destroy the existing nonfunctional Time Bound promotion policy with Financial upgradation, the recruitment Rules are being amended introducing Adhoc promotions at SDE/AGM level which was existing at DGM level, the time Bound Promotions which were approved every five years without needs of availability of posts giving minimum five Regular Promotions in service of executive wherein attempts are made for restricting five promotions to maximum three time Bound promotions that to be on Adhoc basis etc.

Earlier it was propagated that SNEA is opposing AGM promotions, but it was not issue and it was non-factual information spread for misleading executives. You all are aware that SNEA CHQ has given consent for going ahead with Promotions through DPC in April 2022, but even after passing two months since then and when both recognized associations of BSNL and Welfare association are making efforts, promotion orders are not issued.

When it was quite possible to get AGM promotions for all eligible SDEs through Time Bound Promotions, it has been sidelined and now strong demands are made for promotions for all eligible SDE, and unfortunately executives are getting misguided by actual discussions with Management and the news/information being spread in social media.

Further, associations are being formed on name of injustice to young comrades, but when it is matter of fast track promotions to young comrades through Management Trainee and when it is opportunity for BSNL recruited and well experienced executives to get promotions and positions in BSNL management, some individual are approaching court by raising certain issues. The issues if any can be resolved by taking up suitably but overall process needs not be kept on hold, which is not correct approach for future of young executives and there is need some change in approach and real actions.

All this analysis makes it clear that issues are not pending due to fact which is Majority association or which is Support Association and which is Welfare association, but issues are pending just because executives are divided in different Associations and entire energy of activists and leaders of all these associations is being wasted in mud sliding against each other thereby losing the focus on pending HR and development issues and hence these issues are pending.

Hence it is need of time that executives in BSNL understands the need of existence of only one association in BSNL which can pursue the HR and development of issues with BSNL management, DoT and Government of India. Earlier such attempts were made for single association in BSNL but some individuals under influence of certain officers in management who are well aware that they cannot be selected as leaders in democratic process followed in such single association have derailed the proposal and its cost is being paid by executives in BSNL.

In Nut shell, it is not question where SNEA was Majority association or AIGETOA is majority association or any other association will be majority association, issues will be pending till the multiple associations exists in BSNL and the leaders and activists continue to waste their energy in mud sliding against each other and certain officers in Management will continue to enjoy the benefits of division of executives in BSNL.  

No outsider will take initiatives for one association or one strongest association in BSNL, but such initiatives are required on part of executives in BSNL so that mud sliding among activists and leaders of associations is stopped or reduced to best possible extent and entire energy is put on resolution of pending HR issues and issues related to development of BSNL.

The day on which BSNL executives have single association or at least one association which as more than 50% Votes in membership verification, the list of pending HR issues will be reduced to minimum and list of issues resolved will be reaching new highs which is real expectations of common members of all association and executives in BSNL.

By submitting membership form of any association, the executives in BSNL are choosing advocates for persuasion of their general HR issues and authoring for fight against any injustice with executives in BSNL and definitely for joining hands with management as and when required for induvial benefits and to show hypothetical oppose on general issues. 

The success of any court case is depending on the way the advocate pleads the case in court and same is applicable to associations and its leaders also. Hence executives in BSNL will have to be alert, active and should have analysis of the issues at his/her wisdom and strength before choosing any association. Unfortunately some of executives in BSNL are fully depending on what’s app messages and accepting any misleading information as final truth and this real dangerous situation.

In present scenario, existence of BSNL should be our top most priority and second priority should be existence of any association, but we are working in reverse manner and hence results are also reverse and majority of issues are pending and we all regardless of batch, wing, cadre, working circles, gender, membership of association is under frustration.

This window open for changeover of Membership of association, submission of new membership forms, withdrawal of existing membership is any opportunity to move towards strongest unity of Executives and choosing best advocate in the form of Association among the existing associations in BSNL so that the leaders of said association fights for resolution of HR issues by pursuing to depth. If a greater number of executives choose one particular association, then it will be effective in resolution of pending HR issues.

We are left with only four days to decide about membership of any association. By this time many have decided to join any of the association or not to join any association. SNEA CHQ appeals to join the association which can bring strongest Unity of executives and in our eyes at present SNEA is the association, which has such strengths and can take care of executives in all wings and cadres regardless of his/her educational qualification, and hence we appeal all executives in BSNL to support SNEA and strengthen unity of the executives in BSNL and get issues resolved in coming days.

Your authorization by filling membership form of SNEA, will defiantly help as catalyst in resolving the issues. We agree that there were and are certain issues and we could not deliver some issues to the expectations of members, but SNEA with leadership of ten young and dynamic BSNL recruits leaders out of total 15 CHQ Office Bearers is having new energy and are confident enough to take care of HR issues of executives in BSNL. It is sincere appeal to all executives in BSNL to give the opportunity to these young leaders of SNEA 2.0 and be secured about your future and existence in BSNL with much higher perks and benefits which is our right.

After closure of this window, no executive will get chance to choose his/her advocate and hence need of time that all executives in BSNL take wise decision on option for membership of Association. It required that while accepting membership of any association individual should feel free and should not come under any pressure and we all should increase brotherhood among BSNL executives with strongest unity which is need of time for brightening our future in BSNL.   

At this juncture when we are reaching close of membership window, SNEA CHQ appeals all the executives in BSNL to have self analysis of the pending issues, reasons for long pendency of issues and then decide on submitting, withdrawing or changing membership of any association. Your wise decision will decide your future in BSNL and in turn the future of BSNL which can be continued along with us with strongest unity of executives.

BSNL Executive Unity Zindabad !!, 

SNEA Zindabad !!!!,


BSNL Zindabad !!!!!. 



Jt GM Personal BSNL CO issued orders for Change Of Circle Retention, Cancellation and modification in respect of AGMs  under Rotational Transfers  as per their requests.  


Order I  <<<>>      Order II  <<<>>



DGM Recruitment BSNL CO published the result of Management Trainee Examination held on 17/03/2019 wherein 300 candidates have been shortlisted. Copy <<<>>

SNEA CHQ Congratulates these successful candidates and conveys best wishes for grand success in further selection process.

Though this Internal MT Examination was held on 17/03/2019, the result was not declared due to court case in CAT Delhi. On 07/07/2022, CAT Delhi has vacated stay on declaring of results and accordingly the result is declared wherein 300 Executives are shortlisted and shortly they will be called for group discussions and interview. Copy <<<>>

This may be first batch of DGM level Officers who will have experience of more than 10 years in BSNL itself and will be aware about real problems in field units. It will be one more step towards having BSNL own Management followed after DGM outsider recruitment and hopefully in coming days, BSNL will have its own officers in its management. This is fast track promotion for the BSNL Middle management executives and it has opened doors for their entry in BSNL senior level management.  

The declaration of results of MT have created unrest among SDEs who are aspirant of AGM promotions and some groups are creating fears that these MTS will be senior to SDEs who are due for promotions. This fear is unwanted as both the streams will move parallel and their seniority may be fixed at DGM level in 3:1 ratio.


It is to inform that though MT result is declared, it will not have direct impact on AGM Promotions and the bottleneck issue of reservation in promotions has been decided and principally agreed by all and it is only matter of implementation wherein certain issues of written consent from both side are left. SNEA CHQ is working on it and we are hopeful that this issue also will be resolved as that of other issues faced till now and AGM Promotions also will be issued shortly. 



May Allah accept our sacrifice & fill our lives with infinite love, harmony & bliss. May this Eid be full of beautiful, magical & unforgettable moments for everyone. EID MUBARAK TO ALL. 




(Report by Shri. S. P. Sonawane, DS SNEA Pune):  As per the Notice served by DS SNEA Pune, the District conference of SNEA Pune was successfully held at BSNL Recreation Hall, MHS Bldg., Camp, Pune on 29/05/2022.

The entire proceedings of meeting were presided over by Shri. Rajesh Londhe, DP SNEA Pune. In the Morning, open session started in presence of Chief Guest Shri. Anil Dhanorkar, PGM BA Head Pune & Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ. The Open Session had auspicious presence of Shri. Manish Samadhiya President SNEA CHQ and Shri. Brelin Issac, AGS SNEA CHQ., Shri. S. M. Bhatambre, PGM HQ/W/ CHD, Shri. Rakesh Agarwal, PGM Nodal and Shri. P. K. Saha, GM NWO CM Pune.

This District Conference and special felicitation of CHQ Programme was graced with presence of the following dignitaries. Shri. S. P. Sonawane, CWC Member Shri. Sunil Shinde, CWC Member Shri. Tejas Tadsare, CWC Member Shri. Shailendra Solanke CP MH SNEA, Shri. V.V. Pimparkar VP SNEA MH, Shri. M. N. Kotambe, CS SNEA, Shri. H. N. Tipre DT SNEA MH, Shri. Abhay Kesarkar, Joint Secretary CE SNEA MH, Shri. Rupesh Kumar Joint Sec HQ, Shri. Prayag Pisal, Joint Secretary West SNEA MH, Shri. P. N. Patil DP Nasik, Shri. R.K. Chaure DS SNEA Ahmednagar, Shri. Samir Khare DS Nagpur, Shri. Rushikesh Dani DS ITPC Pune, Shri. Anil Dubey, Circle Office Mumbai, Shri. Datta Dubile, Ex DS Aurangabad, Shri. Shivaji Borude, EM SNEA ITPC Pune, Shri. Bharat Sonawane Ex. CP, MH Circle, Shri. V. R. Choudhary, Ex Pune DS now TDM Raigarh, Shri. S. N. Kulkarni, TDM Ratnagiri. Shri.  S. M. Chand CP SNPWA MH, Shri. Dilip Bhogade, ACS SNPWA MH, Shri. H. N. Bhosale, OS SNPWA MH Shri. V. B. Ninave OS SNPWA MH and Shri. H. B. Sawant, OS SNPWA MH.  

From other Associations and Unions the following leaders attended the meeting and gave warm welcome to SNEA CHQ leaders. Shri. Nitin Gaikwad, DS SNATTA Pune, Shri. Pratik Deere, DS SNATTA Pune, Shri. Ulhas Joglekar, DP NFTE Pune, Shri. Vikas Kadam DS BSNLEU Pune, DP Shri. Jakati DS BSNLEU Pune, Shri. Ganesh Bhoj OS BSNLEU Pune and Shri. Kishor Gawali OS BSNLEU Pune.

SNATTA, NFTE, BSNLEU Leadership felicitated GS SNEA Shri. M. S. Adasul & after that the delicious lunch was arranged.

A Group of lady Comrades of SNEA Nashik especially came to meet the GS. Shri. M. S. Adasul and felicitated him with bouquets.

MHS recreation hall was fully occupied by our SNEA loyal members with their valuable presence. There was warmth in the air as everyone was eager to hear, meet and give warm welcome to Shri. M. S. Adasul GS SNEA and other CHQ leaders.

The meeting proceedings started with "Deep Prajwalan" and then two minutes silence was observed in memories of departed soul and mainly late Shri. Suhas S. Durgule.

Welcome song and Ganesh Prayer were beautifully sung by team all Comrades Dr. Satish Alandkar, Mrs Arti Joshi, Mrs. Jyoti Jha, Mrs. D. Devdiga, Amar Joshi, Nilesh Bagde & others.

After that the tentative agenda of Meeting was approved unanimously as per the approved Agenda the further proceedings of meeting started.

Shri. Rajesh LondheDP SNEA Pune in his opening speech warmly welcomed Members, all guests, CHQ, COB & other District branches. In his remark appreciated the GS & CHQ & thanked for sparing valuable time in spite of busy schedule. In further proceedings the felicitation of our dashing Great Leader now GS Shri. M. S. Adasul and Chief Guest, Shri. Manish Samadhiya President CHQ, Shri. Brelin Isaac, AGS CHQ, Shri.  M.N. Kotambe, CS SNEA MH, Shri. Shailendra Solanke, CP SNEA MH, Chief Guest PGM Pune BA, other PGMs, GM, All DGMs, and All DOBs of SNEA Nashik other District representatives of SNEA.

Shri. M. N. Kotambe, CS SNEA MH in his motivational speech, guided all the members and also appreciated team Pune for successful conduction of District Conference. He added about the activities happening at MH circle and assured to resolve pending transfer cases of Pune.

Shri. Brelin Issacs, AGS SNEA CHQ in short speech informed that he worked in Pune SSA earlier and assured that All India SNEA Executives all are committed to work for 24 hours.

Shri. Manish Samadhiya, President SNEA CHQ addressed house and spoke about the mission of new body & summed up with the activities started immediately after new body formation.

Thereafter, our beloved GS, the great leader of MH SNEA and now GS Shri. M. S. Adasul addressed huge gathering of all esteemed SNEA Pune members. In his speech he appreciated the work done by our executives in the pandemic situation of Corona and efforts taken by the District body for development & HR issues. He highlighted all HR & development issues & assured Pune, MH and entire All India SNEA executives that he will give justice to all and resolve issues. In his speech he highlighted issues of timely salary, vendor payments and temporary advance issues. Added in his speech, he discussed that at the BSNLCO, he personally addressed the issues observed after CL taken on 7th January. He further addressed that New CHQ Body took major agenda points as 3RD PRC, Promotions in all cadres and Development issues. He appreciated SNEA Pune body for such a huge gathering even after the VRS situation. He pointed about long stay 26 years Transfers that the CHQ is working continuously for the change of circles requests. He Briefed on SDE to DE /AGM promotions, Civil /electrical promotions and related issues. Members were very happy to hear from him about all current issues in BSNL. He appealed to all to increase SNEA membership for further goal achievements.

Chief Guest Shri. Anil Dhanorkar, PGM Pune BA, in his speech congratulated the GS Shri. M. S. Adasul and CHQ for their unanimous election. During his very studied speech, he touched all the various aspects of Development & HR and other subjects on Pune BA. He also gave brief note on overall development of BSNL Pune.

In conclusion of Open Session, the vote of thanks is tendered by Shri. Dr. Satish Alandkar, DT SNEA Pune, who conveyed thanks to all who have involved for successful conduction of district conference & all respected. He conveyed thanks for successful conduction of meeting our DP, DS, all DOBs, and CWC Member & CEC Members, Shri. Shailendra Solanke, CP SNEA MH who is always involved as guiding force and to Shri. Girish Sonar for capturing all the events in camera.

Whole programme of Open session was professionally anchored by Shri. Santosh Devdiga & Shri. Mrs Ashwini Gaikwad, very active comrades of SNEA Pune. 

The delicious lunch was served for all dignitaries, guests and members.

In the After Lunch session the existing Body was dissolved and in an unanimous Elections the following new District Office Bearers of SNEA Pune are elected in one voice and slogans of Unity wherein Shri. S.G. Kadam, Shri. Sunil Sonawane and Shri. A. N. Raut are respectively elected as District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer.  Newly Elected District Body of SNEA Pune <<<>>>

After the Election Process, in an impressive interactive delegate session, the CHQ leaders replied all queries and doubts to the satisfaction of members. The District Conference was concluded with National Anthem.


Photos by Shri.  Girish Sonar ADS SNEA Pune. <<<>>>



AGM BW HR BSNL CO issued ERP relieving of SDEs and EEs in Civil wing who are under transfer as per the recent rotational transfers. Copy  SDE C <<<>>   EE C   <<<>>>

After these transfers, SNEA CHQ has taken up the issues related to these rotational transfers and matter was principally agreed by Director HR on certain issues. We have also discussed these issues with CGM BW BSNL CO, PGM Pers BSNL and different occasions and this ERP relieving proposed on 02/07/2022 was delayed for some time as we have requested for same, as we have requested time from Director HR BSNL Board to have review of these Transfer orders as per individual representations and letter submitted by SNEA CHQ.  Copy <<<>>.

It is seen that there are certain genuine cases which can be given consideration as per the as done in Telecom wing, but before that action has been taken for ERP relieving. It is fact that the senior officers in Civil wing are also not happy with such transfers and accordingly have recommended for certain feasible changes, but unfortunately none of request is given consideration. SNEA CHQ will take up this matter with Director HR BSNL Board for following the principles followed in review of Telecom wing Transfers and also to adhering the BSNL guidelines as per our last discussions.


The executives who are having issues and waiting for justice as per transfer policy guidelines may wait for 2-3 days as we are hopeful for certain review as per prevailing guidelines and principles followed in Telecom wing.  The executives who do not have any such issue or difficulties in joining new place of posting may join new place of posting after analyzing issues and difficulties they are facing and understanding interpretation of the prevailing guidelines. Let us hope for the best. 



Sr. GM CA/ERP/ BSNL CO writes to all CGMs and IFAs of BSNL for adhering to and compliance with different instructions/directions under EPF and MP Act 1952. Copy <<<>>



Jt GM Pers BSNL CO issued orders extending Timeline for writing reporting and reviewing of e-APRs wherein date of submission of Self appraisal is extended up to 10/07/2022, Date of normal reporting is extended up to 15/07/2022 and date of dual reporting extended up to 20/07/2022.  Copy <<<>>



AGM SEA BSNL CO issued Own Cost Request of AOs wherein own cost request of seven AOs is given consideration. Copy  <<<>>


The company cost request transfers of AOs from All India Hard Tenure Stations are also under consideration and orders will be issued shortly. 



On 30/06/2022, the SNEA Delegation led by Shri. Satish Kumar CS SNEA NTR and consisting Com. Rajdeep AGS SNEA CHQ, Shri. Pavitra Singh AGS HQ, Shri. Sumit Saxena JSC SNEA CHQ and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ congratulated and gave warm welcome to Shri. R.K. Goyal, PGM Pers BSNL CO on his promotion as CGM CNTXN New Delhi. This delegation was specially accompanied by prominent Comrades and COBs/ DOBs of SNEA NTR and all have personally conveyed wishes on promotions. We specially conveyed thanks to him about his support extended by him in resolution of many critical HR issues and requested for further support and co-operation for resolution of pending HR issues in Personal Section. We also conveyed him best wishes for grand success in promotional assignment as CGM CNTXN New Delhi.

We also gave warm welcome to Shri. S.N. Gupta, New GM Pers BSNL CO who took over the charge of Personal Section and congratulated him for taking over additional responsibility of Personal section and conveyed him grand success in the new assignment. We requested him for initiatives for resolution of HR issues of Executives and assured all type of support from SNEA CHQ.


PHOTOS <<<>>>   



Highly successful and grand Annual General Body Meeting of SNEA Ernakulam BA: {Report by Shri. Vimal Raghunath AGS SNEA CHQ}: The Annual General Body meeting of SNEA Ernakulam BA, Kerala Circle was held at the very beautiful venue of Lakeside Hall of the Bolgatty Palace on Friday 27/05/2022. The Proceedings of the meeting were presided over by Shri. Sibiraj, DP Ernakulam.

The function was attended by various dignitaries including Veteran leader Shri. George Varghese Ex CP/CS SNEA Kerala, Shri. K. Sebastin, Former GS SNEA, Mrs Janie Baby, Senior Comrade SNEA, Shri. M. S. Adasul GS SNEA & and VP NCOA CHQ, Shri. Rajesh P.V. Manchan, VP SNEA CHQ, Shri. Shri. Vimal Raghunath AGS SNEA CHQ, Shri. Dr. V. G. Sabu, CP SNEA Kerala, Shri. Jithesh K.P., CS SNEA Kerala, Shri. Dr. Francis Jacob PGMT Ernakulam and all DGMs of Ernakulam BA.

As special gesture and respect to senior comrades, SNEA Ernakulam felicitated the comrades, who had retired during the pandemic period in post the VRS period were honoured and felicitated by hands of General Secretary.

SNEA Ernakulam conducted a grand welcome to Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ to the very first function in Kerala circle after the AIC held at Vishakhapatnam. GS inaugurated the AGB meeting and gave an enthusiastic as well as exhaustive speech covering all the burning issues.

The function was a huge success with most of the association members participating for the whole day at the venue. The full day function at the scenic location was also filled with intermittent displays of in-house talents ranging from choreographed dance programs and many solo singers.
Annual general body of SNEA Ernakulam BA unanimously elected the following new office bearers for the next tenure:

1.    District President: Shri. Chandramohan, DE

2.    District Vice Presidents: Mrs. Nileena K P, SDE,

Shri. Biju Kammath, SDE

3.    District Secretary: Shri. Vivek G, SDE

4.    Asst District Secretary: Shri.  James Sikkera, DE,

Shri.  Sujithkumar G, JTO

5.    District Treasurer: Shri. Manu Babu G, SDE

6.    Organising secretaries: Shri. Harish Rao, JAO,

Shri. Jaimon, SDE,

Mrs. Manjusha TK, SDE STR,

Shri. Jameel Y, JTO

Shri. Anoop KJ, JTO

7.    Auditor:  Shri. Zeenath, JAO

8.    Circle Executive Committee Members: Shri.  Mohd Basheer, JTO, Shri. Sundara Rajan, DE, Shri. Abdul Rahman, SDE STR.

Newly elected District Office Bearers were given oath of alliance by Shri. Dr. V. G. Sabu, CP SNEA Kerala. The proceedings of the Open Session were anchored by Mrs Sreepriya V. The proceedings of the meeting started at 1100 Hrs concluded at 1900 Hrs with National Anthem.

Photos <<<>>>



GS SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR requesting for incorporating certain changes/modifications in OTP Module and guidelines for Inter Circle as well as Intra Circle Online Request Transfer. Copy <<<>>

The issues related to difficulties faced by executives were earlier discussed with then PGM Shri. R.K. Goyal, Director HR and Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar Director HR and we were directed to submit the details in writing. Accordingly the issues and hardship faced by executives in BSNL in implementation of OTP Requests are consolidated in this letter.

Yesterday evening i.e. on 05/07/2022, we have detail discussions on this subject with Shri. S.N. Gupta new GM Pers BSNL CO, wherein we have handed over this copy in person. We have narrated him about how the certain changes in OTP ERP Module will reduce the difficulties and Hardship faced by the executives while processing and considering the OTP Request Transfers. He has assured to check and implement all possible changes and make OTP Portal more effective and user friendly.  Hopefully these changes will be incorporated before opening of OTP window for  coming Quarter i.e. 16/07/2022.  



GS SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR requesting for incorporating certain changes/modifications in OTP Module and guidelines for Inter Circle as well as Intra Circle Online Request Transfer. Copy <<<>>

The issues related to difficulties faced by executives were earlier discussed with then PGM Shri. R.K. Goyal, Director HR and Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar Director HR and we were directed to submit the details in writing. Accordingly the issues and hardship faced by executives in BSNL in implementation of OTP Requests are consolidated in this letter.

Yesterday evening i.e. on 05/07/2022, we have detail discussions on this subject with Shri. S.N. Gupta new GM Pers BSNL CO, wherein we have handed over this copy in person. We have narrated him about how the certain changes in OTP ERP Module will reduce the difficulties and Hardship faced by the executives while processing and considering the OTP Request Transfers. He has assured to check and implement all possible changes and make OTP Portal more effective and user friendly.  Hopefully these changes will be incorporated before opening of OTP window for  coming Quarter i.e. 16/07/2022.  



GS SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR for Implementation of DoPT Guidelines on reservation in Executive Promotions for Persons with Benchmark Disabilities (PwBDs). Copy <<<>> DoPT OM <<<>>> DPE OM <<<>>>



Reconciliation Meeting with DyCLC New Delhi: {Report by Shri. Pavitra Singh AGS HQ) :As per the notice issued by the DyCLC the reconciliation meeting of SNEA and BSNL Management was held at 1500 Hrs on 30/06/2022 and it was chaired by Shri. Abhijeet Kumar Dy Chief Labour Commissioner (DyCLC) New Delhi. From Management side, the meeting was attended by Mrs. Sunita Arora, DGM SR BSNL CO and Shri. Krishna Murari Ruhela, AGM SR BSNL CO. From association side the meeting was attended by Shri. M S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ, Shri. Pavitra Singh, AGS SNEA HQ and Shri. Sumit Saxena JS Central SNEA CHQ.

The discussions started from the previous discussions held in reconciliation meeting held on 04/03/2022. which was focused on settlement of two Major demands viz. Standard Pay Scales and Time Bound Promotions for executives in BSNL. At the outset, we conveyed thanks to DyCLC for kind intervention and arranging reconciliation meetings for resolution of two burning issues of BSNL executives. DyCLC asked representatives of management about the status of two demands as discussed in meeting dated 03/04/2022. DGM SR BSNL CO informed that they have given compliance vide letter No. BSNL/7-1/SR Dated 11/05/2022 addressed to associations and same is final status. {Copy <<<>>>}

When DyCLC asked exact progress and stand of the management, it was informed that settlement of both the demands is not possible and same has been conveyed to associations. DyCLC specifically asked stand of management on both the demands and DGM SR informed in clear words that stand of management is that both the demands cannot be settled. Then DyCLC asked say of SNEA on this stand of BSNL management and we have narrated that management cannot run away from the responsibility just saying not possible and has to justify its say. 

In response it was reported by DGM SR that after VRS Time Bound Promotions are not possible in BSNL and demand of E2 and E3 standard pay scales is rejected by DoT and nothing is in hands of BSNL. She also added that management is trying for giving functional and fast track promotions to executives in BSNL but nothing can be done for E2 and E3 Pay Scales to JTO/SDE and equivalent cadres in BSNL and matter is as good as closed on part of BSNL.

We have brought to the notice of DyCLC that the information submitted representatives of Management is wrong and is nonfactual and there needs to be confirmed the facts. Then as per directions of DyCLC, the discussions held on both the points separately.

On time Bound Promotions, it was reported by the management that Time Bound Promotions are not possible in BSNL in post VRS changed scenario and hence this demand cannot be accepted. She added that these officers are demanding promotions every Four years which is not possible. He added that in place of Time Bound Promotions, management is trying to give Functional promotions and new methodology of fast-track promotions is under consideration by revision of RRs. When DyCLC asked for say of the association, we have narrated that the information given is nonfactual and misleading. In last reconciliation meeting it was informed by the management that the Time Bound Promotions are not implemented as the matter is not cleared by Department of Telecom on issue of reservations in Time Bound promotions as per concern raised by some associations.

Accordingly, the DyCLC has issued directions to BSNL management to take issues with Department of Telecom for getting desired clarification by further persuasion. But, instead of asking and getting clarification on the reservation issues asked by BSNL, now DoT has issued directions to BSNL Management to review the Time Bound Promotion Policy in Post VRS restructuring norms. Then we have read out the following response of DoT word by word. {Copy <<<>>>}

The relevant file is under submission. It is proposed to request BSNL for reconsideration of their proposal based on the present staff structure and strength post VRS and to submit the same for re-examination of BSNL Board. We added that it means the file on query raised by BSNL on issues of reservation is under submission and accordingly clarification is not yet received from DoT.

Further the directions are given for review of Time Bound policy proposal based on present staff structure and strength available post VRS. But even after two months period has bene passed, no further action has been taken by BSNL. We are pursuing for same and it was assured to look into it positively and we are repeatedly assured to resolve the issues with dialogue.

We added that on reservation issue also recently DoPT has issued guidelines on 12/04/2022 and same are endorsed by DoT and BSNL and applicable for promotions in BSNL. Further, within BSNL also, these guidelines are accepted by all stakeholders of Time Bound Promotions of Executives i.e. both recognized associations, Welfare Association and the management in special meeting held by initiatives of SR cell BSNL CO and minutes of the meeting are also signed by all. {Copy <<<>>>}.  

We narrated that BSNL has issued thousands of promotions through DPC wherein reservation issue is not reported and if reported same is resolved by proactive actions by BSNL Management. But same is raised in Time Bound Functional Promotions and query is raised with DoT, same is not replied even after years.  As such there is no need on part of BSNL to wait for fresh clarification on reservation issue as asked in past and BSNL has to act on the DoPT guidelines or resolve this issue at its own.

We further added that there is no single rupee expenditure on part of BSNL to implement this Time Bound Promotion policy and to replace the Non-Functional Promotions as Financial Upgradation by Functional Promotions. We elaborated that when DGM SR is informing that Time Bound Promotions are not possible in BSNL, she is giving misleading information as the Time Bound Promotion Policy for DGM and above level officers is implemented in BSNL and same also made available for non-Executives but same is denied to us by giving unjustified reason of issues of reservation which also is resolved now.

During discussions, when DyCLC asked us what is position of members of SNEA in BSNL management as quoted by DGM SR. We have clarified that we are serving at middle management. It was reported by AGM SR that the representatives are part of the management and GS SNEA is also DGM level officer. We narrated that when it is matter of quoting designation, then management is quoting it as Officers, but while giving benefits we are not given treatment as part of the management and this is reason for unrest among executives. When issues are of responsibility, we are reminded being officer and when it is matter of getting any benefit, we are treated as bounded workers and this is reason why we are agitating. Thus it is crystal clear that stand of management expressed by DGM SR that time Bound Promotions is not possible in BSNL is not correct and BSNL management has to give equal treatment to the officers in the management.

DyCLC asked about action taken by BSNL on the recent directions of DoT dated 28/04/2022 and it was informed by DGM SR that no action has been taken on it till today. We have responded that this is only our request that BSNL management has to take positive steps in grating the Time Bound Promotions to left out executives in BSNL and it cannot be denied for any reason.

After understanding both the sides on the first issue of Time Bound promotions, the DyCLC asked for opinion and progress of both the sides on second demand of E2 & E3 Standard pay scales for JTOs and SDE equivalent grades. It was replied by DGM SR that the same has been rejected by DoT and she read out word by word the reply received from DoT which is reproduced as follows. {Copy <<<>>>}

The Presidential Order dated 28/03/2017, was issued with the approval of Hon’ble MoC after extensive examination and elaborate consultations/discussions at higher levels. DPE had also endorsed this order and has not suggested for any changes. Further, the proposal for upgradation of E1 and E2 scales will invariably have cascading effect on all scales. Hence the proposal of BSNL for upgrading the scales cannot be agreed to. By quoting these lines DGM SR cleared that as per this letter, the demand of SNEA for implementation of E2 and E3 pay scales for JTOs and SDEs cannot be given consideration by BSNL management.

DyCLC asked for say of the SNEA and we have responded that the interpretation and say of the management is wrong and misleading. The Presidential Order dated 28/03/2017, quoted in the reply by DoT is not implemented in BSNL as it is leading towards the lowering of pay scales and after this letter also BSNL has repeatedly requested DoT for approval of Standard Pay scales for executives in BSNL. We narrated that DPE has issued guidelines for Standard Pay scales and mainly for replacement of intermediate E1A and E2A scales operational only in BSNL by E2 and E3 scales. These DPE guidelines are endorsed by DoT to BSNL and BSNL has acted on it and requested for approval of Standard Pay Scales E2 in place of existing E1A Pay Scale and E3 in place of E2A scales.

But DoT is responding for replacement of E1A Scales by E1 and E2A Pay Scales by E2 which is downgrading of existing pay scales in BSNL which cannot be accepted by association and it is fortunate that BSNL also has not accepted this demand. We have conveyed thanks to BSNL Management for such support to its executives. We added that it is assumed by BSNL since formation of BSNL in 2000 that entry level scale in BSNL was E1A and after 17 years DoT says that it is E1 which is not correct. During these 17 years gap, BSNL has recruited thousands of JTOs/JAOs in E1A Scales. This issue was first underlined after creation of Pay anomaly in 2007, BSNL has decided to settle grievances by grating E1 plus five increments.

But in future course of time, these five increments also could not cover losses of young executives in BSNL and hence BSNL has decided to upgrade these scales E1A to E2 and is in need of only administrative approval of DoT. But over the years, the required administrative approval is not conveyed by DoT as matter is twisted by conveying approval for upgradation of E1A Scale to E1, which was never request of BSNL. Due to seriousness of the issues, BSNL has not implemented the Presidential Order Dated 23/03/2017 and repeatedly requested to DoT for approval of E2 and E3 Scales.

We updated DyCLC that during our discussions with DoT Officers, we have queried about the fact how the E1A Pay scale are being downgraded by DoT and it was replied that it was result of one of the court cases in 2017 and contempt Petition from CAT Chandigarh against senior officers of DoT. The contempt was why DoT is not issuing Presidential order and it was not to issue Presidential Order for upgradation of E1A Scale to E2.  DoT has technically complied with the contempt petition by issuing the Presidential order dated 23/03/2017 and lowering or upgradation of pay scales was not the issue of contempt petition. It was reported that the time was short to comply the petition by clearing issue about upgradation of Pay Scales by verifying facts. Hence the compliance order was issued as standard order and it was just attempted to close the contempt petition.

We added that the cascading effect quoted by DoT in this letter is not demand of BSNL or affected executives and hence fear of cascading effect as expressed in this letter from DoT is unwanted. We informed that DoT has approved VRS package by support of Government of India which in thousands of Crores and here demand of Standard Pay scales is raised by BSNL which will have expenditure of Rs 100 to 110 Crore per year only administrative approval is required from DoT as expenditure will be borne by BSNL and no burden lies with DoT.  We added that we have elaborated all these issues worthy CMD BSNL and requested BSNL to take up issue of Standard Pay Scales as fresh at higher level and detailed letter is submitted recently. {Copy <<<>>>}.

In conclusion, we pleaded that we have already requested to BSNL management to stick to its recommendations and continue to raise the issue with DoT only for administrative approval at higher level. We expressed that in this reconciliation meeting also we were expecting similar stand from representatives of the Management, but we are surprised to see the totally negative stand in contradiction of discussions held in meeting chaired by Director HR on 10/05/2022, which was specially held as conciliation meeting after withdrawal of historical 66 days agitational programme by SNEA.

DyCLC asked what about package to be given to BSNL by DoT as discussed in last meeting and why cannot be these demand part of that package. It was informed by DGM SR that the proposal on revival Package is under consideration but it does not include the demand of Standard Pay Scales. We added that DoT and Government of India is really supporting BSNL and we appreciate efforts of CMD BSNL in getting such support from Government of India. But whatever support will be extended will be in form of different projects to be implemented by BSNL and the executives at level of JTO/SDE who are deprived of Standard pay scales and pay loss have to play important role I implementation of these projects as they are backbone of BSNL and are directly involved in practical implementation of such projects in BSNL. Due to this reason only BSNL is recommending Standard pay scales every time at different intervals since last ten years.

After understanding the issues and say of both the sides on both the issues, DyCLC expressed that BSNL management has to take action on the instructions received from DoT and initiate steps for resolution of issues as agitated by SNEA. He added that if no action is taken on settlement of the issues, his office will be not left with any other option in allowing association to continue their protest as it is their right to agitate on non-settlement of genuine demands well agreed and accepted by BSNL as seen in the past records.  

While checking compliance given by AGM SR vide letter dated {Copy <<<>>>}, the DyCLC was surprised to see name of association in this letter which is not party to agitation. It was replied by AGM SR BSNL CO that the letter given to associations is the compliance as its copy is marked to DyCLC as compliance.

After look at casual compliance given by AGM SR, DyCLC categorically asked for the compliance of his office letter dated 24/03/2022 and the compliance given by AGM SR is not acceptable. DyCLC expressed his displeasure and informed that this is not proper approach and he need compliance on happening and action taken by BSNL for resolution of the issues as per proceedings of reconciliation meetings.

In conclusion of proceedings, DyCLC directed BSNL Management to submit detail compliance on action taken for resolution of issues and its copy may be given to GS SNEA within weeks’ time.  He further directed that SNEA should submit its views on compliance given by BSNL within weeks’ time. Accordingly next reconciliation meeting is fixed after two weeks i.e. on 14/07/2022 wherein issues will be discussed on the basis of the written say of both the parties. The proceedings concluded with signature of all participants of meeting on minutes of the proceedings.

In conclusion of proceedings, we have conveyed thanks to DyCLC for his initiatives and directions to BSNL for resolution of issues and DGM SR and AGM SR BSNL CO for consent to submit compliance as asked by DyCLC. 



All India Eligibility List of JAOs 2016 & 2018 Batches: SNEA CHQ is getting many queries about the preparations of the All India Eligibility List of JAOs recruited in Year 2016 and 2018. In this regard it is to inform that SNEA CHQ is pursuing this matter continuously. The detailed information of JAOs 2016 Batch called by DPC Cell is received from all Circles. The work of being consolidating and rearranging information is going on and hopefully the AIEL No. 6 of JAOs of 2016 Batch will be issued within fortnight. After publishing AEIL No 6 for JAO Batch 2016 the work for finalization of AIEL No 7 for JAO Batch 2018 will be started and thus AEIL for all JAOs will be finalized shortly. 



Special and grand FELICIATION FUNCTION BY SNEA MP CIRCLE: {Report by Shri. R.K. Deepak, CS SNEA MP}: Felicitation programme of Newly Elected CHQ OBs was conducted by SNEA MP Circle at Hotel L N Marriott, Bhopal on 24/04/2022.

GS Shri. M. S. Adasul, Shri Manish Samadhiya CHQ President, Vice President CHQ Shri Rajesh Manchan, Joint Secretary Central Shri Sumit Saxena, AGS Shri Vimal Raghunath and CHQ Treasurer Tata Babu Karnam were felicitated by SNEA MP Circle.

In well-organized felicitation program more than 100 members including Shri. R. K. Deepak CS, Shri. Manish Khare CP and Shri. Mukesh Soni CT and other Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members and District Secretaries all over Madhya Pradesh Circle participated from all over MP Circle.

Shri S. Dutta Majumdar Chief Mentor SNEA MP Circle conducted the programme in his special and traditional style and he specially conveyed best wishes to new team of SNEA CHQ.

Shri Manish Samadhiya, CHQ President, Shri Sumit Saxena, Joint Secretary CHQ, Shri Rajesh Manchan VP SNEA CHQ, Shri Vimal Raghunath AGS CHQ, Shri Tata Babu CHQ Treasurer also addressed the house and reciprocated by conveying thanks for special felicitation by felicitation by MP Circle and updated house on their action plan as part of new team of SNEA CHQ on moving ahead with pending HR issues as well as issues related to development and growth of BSNL.

In his address newly elected GS SNEA Shri. M. S. Adasul elaborated all burning issues and the stand of new CHQ body for resolution of the issues. He categorically mentioned the importunate of promotions for all executives for the growth of BSNL. The road map to achieve 3rd PRC, standard pay scales, pay loss were also covered in his vision statement. Finally he concluded his motivational speech with giving thanks to the members and leaders of team SNEA MP for their support in AIC.

Shri. Manish Khare CP SNEA MP presided over the entire function and in Presidential address and conveyed Vote of thanks.

The grand felicitation programme started with warm welcome of CHQ leaders with “Dhol” at 1800 hrs concluded at 2230 hrs with National Anthem and dinner thereafter.

PHOTOS <<<>>>



DGM DPC BSNL CO issued formal letter for Constitution of DPCs for AGM and above level promotions in BSNL. Copy <<<>>>
AGM Rectt BSNL CO issued orders for three days online Webinar for JTO LICE Pre Exam training  from 05/07/2022. Copy <<<>>>
DGM CA ERP BSNL CO writes to Circles for implementation of EPF coverage for Pre Induction Training Period in BSNL.  Copy <<<>>>
AGM Admn BRBRAITT issued order for extending date for receipt of applications from Volunteer Executives from Telecom and Finance wing for posting at BRBRAITT Jabalpur. 




Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Nagpur, MH: {Report by Shri. Samir Khare DS SNEA Nagpur}: A special General Body Meeting of SNEA, Nagpur Branch was organized on 23/04/2022 in the Auditorium of Regional Telecom Training Center, Nagpur to felicitate the newly elected Unanimous CHQ Body of Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association. Shri Manish Samadhiya, President SNEA CHQ and Shri M. S. Adasul, General Secretary SNEA CHQ attended the felicitation program on behalf of CHQ Body. Shri Mahadeo Kotambe, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle, Shri P.D. Rangari, Circle Vice President, SNEA MH Circle and Shri H.N. Tipre, Circle Treasurer, SNEA MH Circle represented SNEA, MH Circle in the meeting. Shri D.P. Wasnik, District President, SNEA Nagpur presided over the function.

The members of SNEA Nagpur were very excited on the maiden appearance of CHQ President and General Secretary in the Special General Body Meeting of SNEA Nagpur. The dignitaries were welcomed at venue by playing Clarinet (Shehnai) and wearing Maharashtrian Feta.

Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Shri Vikas Mahatme ji was the Chief Guest of the Program. At the very outset the dignitaries performed Saraswati Poojan by lighting the Lamp/ Samai. Shri Suneet Upadhyay, Shri Deepak Kulkarni and his team sung the Prayer “Itni Shakti Hume dena Daata”.

Shri Manish Samadhiya, President SNEA CHQ and Shri M. S. Adasul, General Secretary SNEA CHQ were specially felicitated by District Office Bearers of BSNLEU Nagpur, NFTE Nagpur, SEWA Nagpur, SNEA Bhandara, SNEA Chandrapur, SNEA Gadchiroli, SNEA Amravati, SNEA Yavatmal, SNEA Wardha and CS NFTE by offering Shawl, Bouquets and conveyed best wishes for grand success of new Body of SNEA CHQ.

In his opening remark Shri Samir Khare, District Secretary, SNEA Nagpur congratulated the new CHQ Body on being elected unanimously and put forth the brief history of SNEA in front of the Chief Guest, dignitaries and the members present.

In his speech, Shri M. S. Adasul, General Secretary put light on the present support from the current Central Government and assured that with the support of Government and the hard work of Executives BSNL will turn the tide and will become revenue positive in very few days to come. He appraised the Chief guest the BSNL is the only Telecom Operator who is shouldering the Social Responsibility of the Government and providing services in the Rural, Backward and Naxal/Terror Affected areas across India where it has to suffer maximum revenue loss for providing services. He also raised various issues faced by BSNL in general and the executives of BSNL in particular viz. 3rd PRC, Standard Pay Scale, pay loss to executives post 2007 and Superannuation benefit.

The Chief Guest Hon’ble Shri Vikas Mahatmeji, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha who had patiently listened all the issues come before the packed house audience and assured in his speech that he will do all the needful to gather the attention of the Government towards the issues of BSNL and its executives. He also praised the dedication of the staff of BSNL and also apprehended that BSNL is providing excellent services and particularly catering the services in rural and underdeveloped area.

Shri Manish Samadhiya, President SNEA CHQ, Shri Mahadeo Kotambe, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle, Com. Ranjan Dani CS NFTE MH, Shri P.D. Rangari, Circle Vice President, SNEA MH Circle and Shri H.N. Tipre, Circle Treasurer, SNEA MH Circle also addressed and guided the audience with their valuable and inspiring speeches.

At Last the Mementos were presented to Shri Manish Samadhiya President SNEA CHQ and Shri. M. S. Adasul General Secretary SNEA CHQ as a token of Love from Nagpur SNEA Branch.

Shri. Samir Khare, District Secretary, Nagpur presented the Vote of Thanks. He specially mentioned the efforts taken by the dedicated members of SNEA Nagpur to make the program a huge success in very short notice. The District Office Bearers from Amravati, Akola, Chandrapur, Yavatmal and Gadchiroli also attended the program along with CWC Members Shri Vasant Khiratkar, Shri Kishor Kapgate and Shri Sachin Sarode. Shri Narendra Gadre, DS Yavatmal, Shri Pravin Masram, DS Amravati, Shri Rajesh Bhurle, DS Chandrapur, Shri Satish Kalmegh Ex-President SNEA MH Circle and Com S.H. Gandhi Ext DT SNEA Amravati also graced the program with their presence and felicitated the Shri Manish Samadhiya President SNEA CHQ and Shri. M. S. Adasul, General Secretary on behalf of their District Branch.

Shri Yash Panhekar GM BA Nagpur, who was at Mumbai for BA Head Meeting, directly reached from Nagpur Airport to venue & congratulate GS & GP and gave best wishes for new assignment.

Mrs. Vaishali Karhade and Shri Vikrant Dudhalkar anchored the program with ease and very effectively.

The felicitation Programme started at 1800 Hrs concluded at 2200 with National Anthem and Dinner thereafter.


PHOTOS <<<>>>



Consideration of Inter Circle OTP Request Transfers: SNEA CHQ getting frequent calls from its members calls about Pending OTP Request Transfers. Accordingly we have taken up matter of pending Inter Circle OTP Request Transfers of Executives with Shri. R.K. Goyal, PGM Pers BSNL CO and he is kind enough to assure that all the OTP Request except requests to Circles having Excess executives will be given consideration by end of June 2022. Accordingly work has been started and hopefully OTP Requests of all wings will be given consideration. OTP Requests for J&K Circle are more, these requests will be given consideration as per waiting list published. If any of the executive who has applied for OTP Request Transfer earlier, but do not want this transfer now, but could not withdraw his /her request from OTP, is requested to send his written representation to AGM Pers I BSNL CO in case of AGM Cadre and to AGM Pers II BSNL CO in case of SDE Cadre. We have taken up matter for provision of option for withdrawal of OTP Request and it is assured that suitable changes will be made in ERP, but it is possible only after next Quarter and not possible in present Quarter of OTP. As per modification in OTP transfer guidelines, once Transfer order is issued, it will not be cancelled. As such, Executives concerned who have applied under OTP for Inter Circle Transfers, are requested to be alert and submit his/her representation for withdrawal of OTP without any further delay or be ready for joining at the designated Circle as per OTP Request. 



District Conference of SNEA Tuticorin: {Report by Com.  Brelin Isaac, AGS SNEA CHQ}:  The 9th District Conference of SNEA Tuticorin was held on 25/05/2022 at Hotel DSF Grand Plaza, Tuticorin in a grand manner. The District Conference was presided Over by Shri P. Murugaperumal DP SNEA Tuticorin.
Com. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA, Com. G. Valanarasu, CS SNEA TN Circle, Com. Brelin Isaac B, CP, TN & AGS SNEA CHQ, Com R. Rajan, Ex CHQ Treasurer, Com K.J. Kishore Kumar, Circle Treasurer SNEA Tamilnadu and Circle office Bearers/ District Secretaries from Madurai, Karaikudi, Virudhunagar, Tirunelveli and Nagercoil SSA graced the occasion and felicitated the Conference. 
The beautifully decorated Conference Hall was jampacked by presence of the leaders and comrades from Madurai, Karaikudi, Virudhunagar, Tirunelveli and Nagercoil SSA
Com. M. S. Adasul addressed the open session and delegates session with his motivating speech and explained in detail the various activities at the CHQ level.
A Seminar on "ATMANIRBHAR" 4G/5G in BSNL Network was addressed by Shri. Biji Prathap GM, Tirunelveli BA, Shri S. Krishna Kumar, DGM Admin Tirunelveli BA and Shri G. Veerachamy, DGM CM Tirunelveli BA.  
In the unanimous elections held thereafter Com P. Murugaperumal, SDE, Com D. Maria Antony Pitchiah, SDE and Com A.S. Ashok Kumar, JTO have been elected as District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer.
The District Conference started at 1100 Hrs in the morning Concluded at 1800 Hrs with National Anthem.  Entire proceedings of the meeting were anchored by Com P.Murugaperumal. 



Standard Pay Scales E2 (20600-46500) for JTO/JAO and E3 (24900-50500) for SDE/AO

GS SNEA writes letter to CMD BSNL for replacement of Intermediate Pay Scales with Standard Pay scales and further request for kind intervention to take up the replacement of present intermediate Pay Scales of E1A  and E2A to Standard Pay Scales E2 (20600-46500) for JTO/JAO and E3 (24900-50500) for SDE/AO equivalent cadres without cascading effect from 01.01.2007 at higher level by clearing unwanted doubts  expressed by DoT.Copy Enclosed<<<>>>



Day Long Dharana as per call given by AUAB CHQ: AUAB CHQ has given Call for day long dharna on 21/06/2022 at District, Circle and CHQ level. The following are demands.

1.   Immediate replacement of E1A pay scale with E2 pay scale and E2A pay scale with E3 pay scale, w.e.f. 01.01.2007, without cascading effect on other pay scales.

2.   Extension of full 30% SAB contribution for BSNL Recruited Employees, as per the 2nd PRC recommendations and immediate depositing of the balance contribution thereon and making the SAB Pension Fund up to date.

3.   In the JTO LICE to be held on 07-08-2022, there are no vacancies in 11 circles and only a few vacancies in 9 more circles. The same is going to be the fate of the other LICEs of the Non-Executives. Hence, it is demanded that the JTO LICE as well as all other LICEs of the Non-Executives, should be conducted with the posts that were available as on 31-01-2020.

4.   Immediate lifting of the ban imposed on Compassionate Ground Appointments, so as to provide jobs to the dependents of the Covid victims, as well as the employees who died in accidents while on duty.

5.   Fill up all the SC/ST backlog vacancies without delay.

6.   Implement the unfulfilled assurances that were given by the CMD BSNL in the meeting held with the AUAB, on 27-10-2021. Withdraw the show cause notices issued for the imposition of break-in- service and remove the stringent conditions imposed for transfers under para 9 of the BSNL Transfer Policy.

SNEA CHQ appeals all CS, DS and activists at all levels to co-ordinate with leaders of other Unions and Associations and make this day long Dharana a grand success.



Twitter Campaign to be Organized Between 1 PM To 3 PM Today: 

Twitter Campaign is to be organized today as per the call of the AUAB, demanding Pay Revision to the Executives and Wage Revision to the Non-Executives, w.e.f. 01/01/2017. SNEA CHQ requests all Circle Secretaries and CHQ Office Bearers and BSNL Executives/Employees in BSNL to tweet and retweet messages demanding settlement of 3rd Pay Revision and make today’s Twitter Campaign becomes a grand success.


Meeting with Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar Director HR BSNL Board:


SNEA delegation consisting of Shri. Brelin Isaac, AGS SNEA CHQ, Shri. Vimal Raghunath, AGS SNEA CHQ and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ had meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director HR, BSNL Board in his   chamber on 07/06/2022at 1730 hrs. We had elaborate discussions on different pending HR issues including critical issues related to Rotational Transfers. The response from Director HR was very positive. The discussions were very fruitful and Director HR BSNL Board gave us a very patient hearing and also agreed to give a positive consideration on most of the points. Agenda Points <<<>>>

The details of discussions on pending issues related to Rotational Transfers is as follows.

At the very outset we conveyed thanks to Director HR and his team of personal Section headed by Shri. R.K. Goyal PGM Pers BSNL CO, for considering the individual request in a policy manner as per suggestions and feedback given by SNEA. We specially conveyed thanks to PGM Pers BSNL CO who has reviewed all cases personally by going to depth of each case and given justice too majority of executives who have represented their grievances.

We elaborated that majority of the issues are resolved by PGM Pers BSNL CO, till there are certain Policy decisions which needs intervention from HR Head of BSNL and Director HR agreed that there are certain policy decisions to be reviewed and he welcomes all such suggestions. The following points were discussed to depth

 Adherence to 10% limit to total transfers in a particular year from a particular circle: We have drawn attention of Director HR on the clause in BSNL Transfer policy of adhering to 10% limit of total executives in a particular cadre in one circle need to be considered and we reported that the same has not been implemented in the recent rotational transfer orders. We categorically mentioned that while considering transfers to and from the highest revenue earning Circle Like Kerala Circle, Mass Transfers of executives in Civil and Electrical wings, the criteria of 10% maximum transfers is not followed and transfers are issued at higher percentage. We have submitted a letter expressing concern by SNEA on the violation of this transfer policy clause. Copy <<<>>>. Director HR was kind enough to go through the content of the letter and has taken some additional feedback from us. After elaborate discussions, he has assured to look into it and take corrective action on it.

Request for cancellation of transfers out of All India Hard tenure stations / Circles: We have drawn attention of Director HR on the critical conditions of the executives working at hard tenure stations and specifically executives in J&K Circle working at extremely critical conditions with constant threat on their life. We elaborated that BSNL management is transferring the executives working in All India hard tenure stations, who are taking extreme pains and risk of life to maintain the services of BSNL in very difficult, Hard and mainly terror prone areas and it is not good HR policy.  We have submitted detailed letter conveying grievances of the executives working at All India hard tenure stationsDirector HR agreed to the concern expressed by SNEA and asked what we want in this case. We have brought to his notice the Govt of India Guidelines which clearly states that the executives who are willing to continue at All India Hard tenure stations should not be compelled to get transfer out to such circles. We elaborated that these transfers are creating huge difficulties for these executives and their families and when the Government has given certain privilege to executives working at such most difficult stations, BSNL has to follow it in same spirit and should not disturb these executives by Rotational transfers. We specially requested that these executives have already worked at hard tenure stations and it is counted as Break in length of service in that particular Circle. We categorically brought to kind attention of Director HR about the opinion of PGM pers BSNL CO that working at hard tenure cannot be break in length of service of that Circle as nowhere it is mentioned. We have cleared that it is also nowhere mentioned that the break in length of service is not to be given. Rather Govt of India guidelines promotes these executives to continue to work at all these Hard tenure stations. We categorically narrated that we have no issues if any executive working at prominent place in these Hard tenure Circle is transferred to further difficult station within that Hard tenure Circle. We also added that if it is so desired by Management, then these executives can be transferred from telecom Circles to CNTX Circles and vice versa, but we do not agree for rotational transfers from All India Hard Tenure Circles as Govt Of India Guidelines do not support any such rotational transfers out of all India hard Tenure stations. After elaborate discussions, Director HR BSNL Board conveyed that he will go through these guidelines in details and assured that these Govt Of India Guidelines will be respected by BSNL and transfer orders out of All Had tenure Circles will be cancelled or modified within the Circle accordingly.

Request for Cancellation/review of Rotational Transfers form All India Soft Tenure Stations: On all India Soft tenure stations, we have elaborated the provisions of the BSNLs own transfer policy guidelines and these rotational transfers are issued by unofficially modifying the Transfer policy guidelines issued by BSNL. We narrated that if these guidelines are modified, same will be modified with Prospective date and not from retrospective date. If it is so, then what is use of the granting facility as All India Soft Tenure stations. We have elaborated that the Soft Tenure Policy guidelines needs to be implemented in three forms depending upon the time-to-time guidelines issued by BSNL. We handed over the detail letter on our say to Director HR about grievances created by Rotational transfers of the executives working at all India Hard tenure stationsWe have requested to adhere to the Transfer policy guidelines issued by his own office and asked for following remedies in the recently issued Rotational Transfers.

·       Consideration of Break in length of total length of Stay in that circle in respect of executives who have joined or working at All India Soft Tenure stations from the declaration of soft tenure stations since 23/06/2010 to its modification 09/12/2015.

·       Reduction of service period of executives rendered at All India Soft Tenure stations who have joined All India Hard tenure stations on or after 09/12/2015, the date on which the facility of break in length of service in Circle was withdrawn for executives in same Circle. 

·       Adhering to Govt Of India guidelines and allowing executives presently working at All India hard tenure stations and willing to continue to work at All India Soft tenure stations if he/she has submitted willingness for same at least up to completion of Tenure period of all India Hard tenure Stations.

After elaborate discussions, in conclusion, Director HR agreed to concern expressed by SNEA as assured to take corrective action for cancellation/modification of Rotational transfers from All India Soft tenure stations or by granting/restoring facility of break in length of service or reduction of length of service as the case may be as per the Transfer policy guidelines and guidelines issued by Govt Of India on this subject.

Counting of Age of executives as per transfer policy guidelinesDelegation pointed out that Personnel section has taken data for transfer posting in February 2022 and it was correctly applied to calculated age of the executive as on 31/03/2022. But practically, the transfer orders were issued in Month of May 2022. The Transfer policy guidelines states that age of the executive due for transfer is to be taken as on 31st march of the financial Year in which this order is issued and not on proposal of transfer as being done now. We also elaborated that pers Section has added the names of the executives who completed service of 26 years as per modified date and names of many executives were added which were not in the list published in Feb 2022. But the names of the executives who have crossed age of 56 years as on 31/03/2022 are not given consideration. We have submitted detailed letter on this subject to Director HR. We elaborated that there are only few executives and are waiting for consideration of their representation on the basis of the provisions of transfer policy guidelines. After detailed discussions, Director HR assured to cancel the transfer orders of executives who are crossing age of 56 years as on 31/03/2023.

Counting in Break in Circle tenure if executive of NRU has served in territory of another Circle: We have brought to notice of Director HR about not giving break in length of Service to certain executives from non-recruiting units who were transferred by the CGMs of Non-Recruiting units and have practically worked for years together in the territory of another Circle. We have reported such cases are mainly reported from CNTX and BBNW Circles where CGMs are empowered to issue transfers of executives within Non-Recruiting Circle but out of Territory of Telecom Circle.  Director HR informed that if any of the executive has worked out of territory of Circle for more than two years by either orders of BSNL CO or by the orders of CGMs on Non-Recruiting Units and assured that all such orders will be cancelled.

Posting on grant of Immunity in same Circle/Station or change of Circles to NRUs may treated as break in length of service: We have shared our discussions with PGM personal about the retention of grounds of immunity wherein PGM pers has informed that executives retained on grant of immunity will be transferred from Telecom Circle to CNTX Circle and vice versa but his/her HQ will be maintained. We have conveyed Director HR; this proposal cannot be accepted by association as this is transfer and not retention by grant of immunity either as office Bearer or on critical medical illness grounds. If management issues such transfers from Telecom Circle to CNTX Circle and vice versa, then there should not be any further transfer on long stay as per rotational Transfer order issued by BSNL CO.  We further demanded that if he/she is to be relived after completion of Immunity period then, the facility of retention at same place and post may be continued and after period of immunity is over, he/she may be relived to designated transfers as issued by BSNL CO.  Director HR agreed to the say of the association and assured to give it consideration accordingly.

Retention on Educational Grounds at least for Ward appearing Board Examination: We requested Director HR to give consideration to requests for retention on transfers on educational grounds at least in respect of wards appearing for 10th and 12th Board Examinations. We added that this is very crucial year for all wards and about all parents are worried about it. Director HR informed that it is not possible to give consideration to all such requests but being very important stage of carrier of any child ins 12th Board examination and the request of grounds of ward appearing for 12th Board examination will be given consideration but retention will not be given on basis of the ward studying in 10th or any other Standard.

Acceptance of VR submitted by some individuals in present/working CircleWe have brought to notice that some of executives are not in position to accept the transfers due to different genuine reasons and hence under compulsions, they have submitted or will be submitted the resignation from BSNL services and only request in their part is their VRS should be given consideration from present place of posting. Director HR responded that some executives apply for VR and withdraw same once transfer order is cancelled. We agreed that it is possible to some extent as seen in the past, but in this cases, final decision is to be taken by BSNL CO and if required undertaking may be taken from concerned executive but neither he/she should be troubled by transfer nor money of BSNL should be spent on such avoidable transfers. Director HR agreed to views expressed by association and firmly assured that all request for Voluntary Retirement will be considered from present place of posting if executives are applying for same well within the time. 

Assurance for the executives to join back to or opt to choose Circle on completion of two years period: We have narrated that many of the executives have willingly or unwillingly followed or will be following these avoidable Rotational Transfer Orders issued by BSNL CO, and now they are asking form firm assurance from BSNL management that they will be brought back on completion of two years. Association requested to give firm assurance to the executives who are following rotational transfer orders for bringing them back to their present working place or any other place of their choice after completion of two years at transferred place. Director HR informed that it is not possible to give assurance for their transfers within two years but same can be assured on completion of three years. We requested him to issue such written orders so that it will help executives in taking decision and final call on transfers. Director HR assured that such written order for bringing back or for consideration of request for transfer to choose station after completion of three years will be issued.


Apart from these specific issues related to recent Rotational Transfers, we have elaborate discussions of other HR issues and details of the same will be uploaded by tomorrow. 



Clarification for removal of mandatory signature of the controlling officers for Executives.

After  SNEA CHQ had meeting with Mrs. Anita Johari, PGM SR on this point of mandatory signature of controlling Officer on Change of membership form for executives a partial modification letter Issued and clarified that in case of Associations option in Membership form will be accepted both with or without signature of the controlling officer.

Copy <<<>>>


Clarification for removal of mandatory signature of the controlling officers for Executives.


After  SNEA CHQ had meeting with Mrs. Anita Johari, PGM SR on this point of mandatory signature of controlling Officer on Change of membership form for executives a partial modification letter Issued and clarified that in case of Associations option in Membership form will be accepted both with or without signature of the controlling officer.




AGM SR BSNL CO issued notification for opening window for change or opt out the membership of any association or Union by respectively executives or Executives as and non-Executives and accordingly window will be open from 15/06/2022 to 15/07/2022.

Copy <<<>>>

It has been seen that this time again the counter sign of controlling Officer is again included in these options. Many of SNEA leaders and activists from different Circles have expressed serious concern on adding the mandatory signature of the Controlling Officer before submission of this declaration for Change over or withdrawal or stop membership of any of the Union/Association,

Accordingly, Com Jagtar Singh, JSN, Com Isaack Brelin AGS and GS SNEA had meeting with Mrs. Anita Johari, PGM SR on this point of mandatory signature of controlling Officer on Change of membership form for executives and shared issues raised by the executives in field units. We shared that this is policy decision and making such changes abruptly is not correct. We expressed that if such changes are felt necessary by administration for any reason, these issues should have discussed with this association, then if required it can be modified. We categorically narrated that in today’s scenario, there is no need to re-introduce such avoidable compulsions.

PGM SR responded that there is no change in procedure or policy and as letter and format is issued both for executives and non-executives, hence this issue has been arisen and clarified that the signature of controlling Officer is required/mandatory for non-Executives and not mandatory for Executives.   

After elaborate discussions on this issue, it has been decided to issue corrigendum for removal of mandatory signature of the controlling officers for Executives but same will be continued to be required for non-Executives. In conclusion PGM SR assured to issue required clarification immediately. 


AGM Pers issued modified orders of some of executives under 26 years long stay transfers thereby giving consideration of request transfers for change of Circle, retention of medical ground, correction of stay particulars and also giving administrative reasons.


Orders SDEs <<<>> AGMs <<<>>

SNEA CHQ convey sincere thanks to Shri. R.K. Goyal, PGM Pers BSNL CO for giving consideration to the request of individual in policy manner as discussed and perused by SNEA CHQ and giving relief to the executives who were facing extreme hardship due to these long stay transfers 

In similar policy manner remaining requests including request for grant of immunity will also be given consideration and the individuals whose request is not till given consideration are requested to confirm that their request is forwarded by Circle Administration with required recommendations if any. SNEA CHQ will further pursue for consideration of all such genuine requests as per feedback given by DS/CS concerned. 


AGM Pers issued waiting list of pending Request transfers to All India Hard Tenure Stations.


Copy SDEs <<<>> AGMs <<<>>

Many of the executives have applied for transfer to All India Tenure stations and their request is not given consideration for the last 2-3 Quarters and there was confusion about status of the OTP request. Though individuals were able to know about the pendency/status of their transfers through ESS Portal, they were not able to understand when his/her request will be given consideration and what is his position in the waiting list of any in to any station he/she has requested.  Further, others who needed to understand where they can get posting to All India Hard Tenure stations or not if they apply, also was not clear and many were applying these stations, under uncertainty.

This concern was expressed by SNEA with PGM Pers and he is kind enough to take immediate action and publish the waiting list of pending Request transfers which was never published earlier. It was also assured during discussions that all OTP requests will be given consideration, before implementation of OTP requests of third OTP quarterly cycle.


SNEA CHQ conveys sincere thanks to Shri. R.K. Goyal, PGM Pers BSNL CO, for taking one more step towards transparent working on transfer posting. We have already discussed about the issues faced by executives in applying request through OTP including restoration of option for withdrawal of request, before transfer order is issued and will be submitting detail note on it and we are hopeful that in similar manner, the issues reported in OTP transfer portal will be resolved before opening of next OTP window.



Lunch Hour Demonstrations by AUAB on 27/05/2022 for settlement of 3rd Pay Revision:

The AUAB has given call to organise a series of agitational programmes demanding settlement of 3rd Pay Revision to the Executives and 3rd Wage Revision to the Non-Executives. The first phase of this agitation is starting with Lunch Hour Demonstrations on the 27/05/2022 at all District/Circle HQ. All are requested to participate in this Lunch Hour Demonstrations in mass and make it grand success.

Circular <<<>>>



Report on Special meeting By Director HR with SNEA CHQ Team on different HR issues:

Continued…… VIII

Scrapping of MT and DR DGM RRs: In continuation of proposal of fast track promotions, the issue of need of fresh talent in BSNL at higher level management was discussed. Director HR categorically questioned why associations are not in favour of MT and why some particular association has approached court of law for stopping even Internal MT recruitment for which BSNL has conducted examination and only result is to be declared. He stressed that for the growth of BSNL, the flow of fresh talent is essential in BSNL. He added that in days to come there will be no inflow at DGM/GM level on deputation in BSNL and hence BSNL should have its own management.

Director HR expressed that it is not understood why some associations do not want this internal exams to happen in BSNL and opposing to the extreme extent of declaration of results of examination conducted. We informed that we do not know about others, but  SNEA has decided in all its CWCs and AICs to support Internal MTs and oppose External MTs. Accordingly we have always supported for internal MT and we continue to oppose External MTs because BSNL is having excellent and capable inhouse talent which can be part of higher management of BSNL and only required is to give them the opportunity to move upward with free and fair competitio n.In external MTs, this inhouse talent of BSNL is not allowed and hence we oppose External MTs. 

We made it clear that SNEA has and will always promote for Internal MTs and we have been at forefront to promote internal talent of BSNL in BSNL higher level management. With same spirit and tempo, SNEA has earlier supported recruitment of executives in BSNL at DGMs level, but management has done everything for recruitment of only External DGMs and they are promoted as GMs and are now waiting for their promotions as PGM/ CGMs. But even after a decade, same BSNL management has done nothing for recruitment of DGMs from Internal quota and till vacancies are unfilled. It is unfortunate that the excellent and experienced talent available within the BSNL is denied opportunity to be part of BSNL management even though they were possessing required educational qualification but restricted by applying eligibility pay scale which was well within hands of BSNL. We expressed that the executives in BSNL who were capable and aspirant of becoming part of Management and who were ready to face competition, were not allowed for appearing examination and outcome of these actions is that BSNL could not get the experienced talent as DGMs in BSNL. BSNL.

Director HR informed that there were issues in DGM recruitment but it cannot be the reason for stopping Recruitment at Higher level at least to certain fixed percentage. He added that BSNL is expecting fresh talent from the Market who can lead this organization and take it to new heights. He expressed that If association which has stalled this process, would have allowed Management to complete this process then these internal MTs in BSNL may have completed their training by now and would have been part of higher management.

Director HR further informed that he is serious to complete this process of MTs and will not divert these vacancies as being asked for. We have opposed for conduction of External MTs stating that already available talent at DGM level is not utilized and also the executives in JTO/SDE Cadre are not allowed to compete in External MT by putting certain conditions.

We also added that there may be the case that if person appeared for JTO but failed to qualify as JTO but in the mean time they may have acquired /completed MBA/ M Tech and hence he may be eligible. But one who is successful in JTO examination and has joined BSNL and serving as JTO may not be eligible due to clause of higher educational qualification prescribed by BSNL and it is injustice to BSNL Executives.

Director HR informed that will not be the case and BSNL has no issue in promoting internal talent and assured that SDEs and equivalent executives also can appear the MT Exams. We insisted that there is need to allow all executives including JTOs to compete in the External MTs and in that case SNEA will support such recruitment of External MTs also.

Director HR informed that it is good proposal and all JTOs and equivalent Executive cadres can be allowed in External MT examination. We requested that BSNL is not in need of total number of the Executives under MT quota in one stroke to the extent the vacancies are kept reserved for years together under External MT Quota. We stressed that there is need to review these vacancies under External MT Quota and to make recruitment depending on year wise vacancies or actual and urgent requirement.  Director HR and appreciated our concern and asked association to come forward for these discussions.

Director HR appealed associations may come forward to negotiate the total number of vacancies of external MT from present 50% to actual requirement which cannot be nil as demanded by SNEA and same can be decided by discussions but we should not stop the process of Internal or External MTs. Director HR in conclusion appreciated our concern and asked association to come forward for further discussions and to decide the overall process and method of fast track promotions in BSNL.

Review of Restructuring Norms and justified/sanctioned post of executives as per practical requirement: Association pointed out the discrepancies in calculation of the Executive strength by BSNL and how even the norms issued by BSNL are not followed and how the total number of posts in all wings and for all cadres are shown less that actually justified.

We elaborated that this wrong calculation has badly affected total justified strength of executives and many executives are shown less than that of practical and minimum required executives in filed units to run the show. We added that this is reason why the executives in filed units have multiple charges and are unable to give total justice to the works assigned. We elaborated that after mass VRS, there is multifold increase in the workload and with further reduction of number of justified posts due to non-realistic calculations of justified post and created 3 to 4 times burden to majority of executives.

We requested for review of the justified strength of executives in all wings and all cadres. It was responded by PGM Estt that the justification has been done as per the norms and there is no deviation as stated by association. We responded that BSNL has defined guidelines for justifying any post of executives on certain norms i.e. one post of number of total RKM of OFC, Number of BTS, Mtce of Indoor systems and external plants and many rather all Circle have sent the justification on basis of these guidelines but while approving these proposals, BSNL CO has reduced the number of posts by giving limit to total number of posts any Circle have after revised justification. This has been done in total contradiction and has started creating affecting working in Filed units.

As classic example we have quoted the justification approved for CNTX Circle and on prima facie it is seen that CNTXW Circle is having lowest justified strength of executives as compared to other CNTXW Circles even though the Total Length of OFC maintained by CNTXW is more than that of other CNTXW Circle. On this PGM Estt informed that these issues can be taken care in coming days but correction in present justified posts is not possible. We replied that as per Restructuring Norms, the review of the posts is to be done every two years and first review is due.

PGM Estt informed that these guidelines are issued recently and two years period is not competed. We responded that as per the guidelines issued by BSNL itself it is stated that these guidelines are operational from Feb 2020 and hence two years period is over by Feb 2022 and hence review of justified posts needs to be taken care. PGM Estt informed that he will check for the reference made by association about review of the norms, but as these norms of justified are not yet implemented fully, it cannot be decided on its review. We elaborated that review can be done by taking into consideration the practical requirement as per guidelines issued by BSNL and we are not demanding anything out of pretext of the guidelines. This issue of reduced number of justified posts is equally seen in justification of posts in all wings including Civil and Electrical wings and it has become reason for blocking promotions to certain extent. In conclusion of discussions,

Director HR assured to look into concern expressed by association and check for possibilities for corrective action to revised posts. He also directed PGM Estt to look into the concern raised by association about a smaller number of justified posts in CNTXW Circle as compared to other CNTXW Circle. He also directed association to give detailed feedback on these issues and we have assured to submit details along with supporting documents.

Keeping on hold the procedure for review of RRs and review the matter as fresh: During discussions on promotions and justification of posts on restructuring norms, SNEA has narrated that BSNL is having already approved RRs for all cadres and there is no reason for review of the RRs. We also pointed out that when BSNL executives are being given promotion in higher functional grade in Time Bound manner 4 to 5 years, the proposal of review of RRs which does not guarantee Regular promotion in time Bound manner cannot be acted by the executives. The review of RRs is attempted to deprive BSNL executives from five Time Bound Promotions in carrier progressions of Executives in BSNL as assured by DoT in writing to this association which was part of the negotiation of terms and conditions of absorption in BSNL. WE narrated that BSNL has approved Time Bound promotion policy which given guarantee of five promotions and by proposing review of RRs, it is seen that this policy is being indirectly scrapped and new policy is being introduced which is not correct.

We added that in the new RRs again BSNL is starting with Adhoc promotions starting form JTO/SDE cadres, where no Adhoc Promotions were issued in BSNL at any time. The Adhoc promotions were and are issued at level of DGMs and above, but is no case, Adhoc SDE Promotions were issued. But these RRs are proposing Adhoc promotions from SDE cadre even after delay of 12 years. Further, we added that BSNL has officially declared that there is no difference in workload of JTO/SDE and hence these posts are interchangeable and hence equal status.

That means any JTO getting Adhoc promotion after 12 years, will continue to work on this Adhoc and temporary posts till the post is created either by retirement or death of executive already working in Regular and functional post. Hence such Temporary promotions will not serve any purpose and hence there is no need of any revisions of RRs and BSNL should go ahead with existing RRs for filling all vacant posts of executives in all wings and all cadres as being proposed by BSNL management and then further course of action, the promotions may be issued as per the Time Bound promotion Policy already approved by BSNL.

We added that we will not have no issue if concern observed and faced by the management in present Time Bound promotion Policy is discussed and revised but totally scrapping of Time Bound Promotions is Policy and introduction of new Promotion policy is not accepted to any of the association.  Director HR informed that the concern expressed by Association will be taken by revised RRs for which work is under process and most probably in June 22, same will be shared with associations and discussed before its implementation. He added that SNEA may give the views on this amended and modified RRs and assured to incorporate the concern expressed by associations to maximum possible extent.  

Action for Promotion for Executives recruited under PWD QuotaWe have drawn attention of the Management that though there are guidelines on reservation in promotions for Executives recruited under PWD Category, but is same is not followed in BSNL and these executives are deprived from their promotions. PGM Pers informed that this matter is pending in court at the highest level and hence BSNL has not taken any action.

Further, any decision given by court cannot be implemented by BSNL till it is endorsed by DoPT and DoT. PGM Pers added that BSNL is waiting for clearance of pending cases and endorsement of these guidelines. PGM Pers informed that as per prevailing guidelines the reservation in promotions under PWD Categories is limited for non-Executive posts and not available in Executive post after first recruitment. He firmly assured that as the matter is decided at highest level, the decision will be taken in the favour of these executives by granting reservation in all promotions and assured that BSNL will follow these instructions as and when issued and endorsed by DoPT and DoT.  

Updates on discussions held on other agenda points is being updated shortly.



Report on Special meeting By Director HR with SNEA CHQ Team on different HR issues:



Uniformity in TBP by granting First Time Bound Promotions in Four years: Association requested for giving justice to the executives who are deprived of first time Bound promotion in four years. We narrated that there is much unrest among the deprived executives joined BSNL during 1992 to 1995 as about all these executives have got first Time Bound Promotion in six years. 

We added that same scenario has been aroused for BSNL recruited executives and many of them are also deprived of First Time Bound Promotion in four years due to condition of touching scale. One side, they are denied Standard Pay scales, their salary is reduced and other side they are informed that you are not touching higher scale and hence will not be given first Time Bound Upgradation in four years and these executives are at loss in all fronts. If BSNL implements Standard Pay scales or/and implement 3rd PRC from due date, then some of them BSNL recruited Executives will get first TBP in four years. 

We also added that Court also has given directions for uniformity in first Time Bound Promotion. The DoT recruited executives who are deprived of first Time Bound in four years will get this benefit only when it is implanted uniformly in four years. As this disparity is not cleared, the number of executives affected due not touching higher scale is increasing and this is reason for mass unrest. We insisted for giving first time Bound Promotions to all executives uniformly in Four years by removal of condition of touching higher scale. 

PGM personal informed that first time promotions for all executives was proposed in six years and to give weightage to the service rendered by DoT recruited executives the condition was added that who have higher length of service will touch the higher pay scale early and will get benefits of higher services he/she has rendered in DoT. PGM Pers further added that Court has issued directions for brining uniformity and already it is uniform for all on completion of six years and others with higher length of services are getting benefits weightage of service as proposed by DoT. He added that the financial condition of BSNL is also not good so as to consider any such demand from retrospective date. 

Association added that financial burden is very less as compared other demands and hence there should not be any issue in its implementation. We further requested for making it uniformly four years, then it may be please implemented uniformly as four years and executives with higher length of service may get it in four years and all other executives will at least get it in five years. 

In conclusion, it was responded by Director HR that this is old issue implemented for Absorbed officers and cannot be given consideration at this stage as the financial condition is not good and conveyed that this demand cannot be accepted in present circumstances.  

Regular Promotions instead of LA/Adhoc PromotionsWe have elaborated difficulties faced by BSNL and its executives due to looking after arrangement being used as regular arrangement for filing vacant posts. 

We added that looking after arrangement was introduced as Temporary arrangements about ten years back and BSNL has made these temporary arrangements as regular arrangements. We also drawn attention towards the fact that through there are more post vacant in AGM/DGM Cadre, BSNL CO has put restrictions on number of posts and hence there is no uniformity in implementation of Looking After Arrangements guidelines uniformly among all Circles. 

During discussions, we elaborated how this looking after arrangement has badly affected development of BSNL and how it has demoralized executives in field units and requested for stopping looking after arrangements and issuing Regular promotions for filling all vacant posts. 

PGM Pers responded that the regular promotions are not being issued due to court cases and his office is working out for regular promotions for all wings. He added that management also do not want to continue the looking After arrangements and it has been stopped in many cadres and wings as about all vacant posts are filled in by regular promotions. Similar action is being taken for filling vacant post in AGM/DGM cadre or wherever post are vacant. PGM Pers concluded this issue stating that once these regular arrangements are made by issuing regular promotions, then there will not be any need of Looking After arrangements.


Updates on discussions held on other agenda points is being updated shortly. 



Updates on the burning issue of  Inter Circle Rotational Transfers: 

On burning issue of Rotational Transfers of SNEA Members, Shri. Rajdeep, AGS SNEA and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA again met Shri. R.K. Goyal, PGM Pers BSNL CO yesterday on 23/05/2022 and discussed the hardship faced by the SNEA and affected executives and SNEA Members to due to avoidable long stay transfers. We have elaborate discussions on this issue and details are as follows.   

PGM Pers informed that the proposal of cancellation of all Rotational Transfers was not agreed earlier and cannot be agreed at this stage as many of the executives under transfer have joined at the transferred place and some more are on the way to join. He appealed association that when Executives are willing to join on transferred place then association should not stop them joining. We informed that there are executives who are waiting for consideration of grievances and few may not have serious issues may be joining under compulsions they are facing in present situation.

PGM Pers informed that his office is taking note of the genuine grievances and all the representations received by Pers section are scrutinized and given consideration to maximum possible extent. The proposal for consideration of request for change of Circle, request for retention of genuine grounds like Critical illness of self and dependents, Request for correction in stay, Request for grant of immunity is under process and hopefully these modification orders will be issued by coming Thursday or maximum Friday.

PGM Pers informed that Medical cases recommended by Circle and for which entry has been made in ERP by Circles are given consideration. All the Request received by Pers Section for change of Circle are given consideration. He added that request for correction in stay particulars, counting of age correctly as that of financial year, single parent cases are also reviewed and given consideration. He added that in earlier order, names of some executives who have completed stay of 26 years in working Circle were missing and same are added now and their transfers order will be issued along with revision of earlier transfer orders.

For the grant of immunity, the request given through proper channel and which are forwarded through Proper channel with details of immunity availed earlier and with similar undertaking by individuals are given consideration.

The individual requests for medical ground for retention without entry of the same in ERP and requests for grant of Immunity not received through proper channel with details of immunity availed are not given consideration and all such cases corrective action needs to be taken by Circles. We requested for details of such cases and PGM Pers informed that orders for requests submitted by individuals which are given consideration will be issued within day or two and till any such request is remaining same can be given consideration and association may bring it to notice of his office.

PGM Pers informed that for grant of immunity and retention on medical grounds, the retention will be granted but not in same Circle. If request is from Telecom Circle, then the retention will be given in Non-Recruiting Circle and vice versa but he assured that the retention will be at same location where concerned executive is working. He further added that individuals asking for immunity should not ask for cancellation of Transfer order once immunity period is over on other grounds like age criteria and they will be relived to transferred place after immunity period is over.

On our request for cancellation of all Rotational Transfers from All India Hard and Soft Tenure stations, PGM Pers informed that the policy decision is taken by CMD BSNL for issuing long stay transfers from all Circle and All India hard tenure Circles are part of it. He added that no one can be given guaranty that he will be in same Circle and one has to undergo at least one two years break in length of service. 

On the reducing period of executives for which he/she worked at All India Soft Tenure stations, he assured that same will be reduced for the period when concerned executives has worked at that station after declaration of Soft tenure station. In all such cases, the total Circle stay of Executives will be reduced by three years but  request of association for break in total length of stay in Circle cannot be given consideration as per policy decided by the higher Management.     

On our request for giving consideration for excluding names of all female comrades from Inter Circle Long stay list, he informed that it is not allowed for Non-Tenure Circles and hence cannot be given consideration. If we start giving such consideration, then there will be court cases.

On the court cases done by individuals, PGM Pers informed that these cases will be given considerations as per the directions of court and well within the decided policy of BSNL. 

In conclusion of meeting PGM Pers assured that the rotational transfers are issued as per the decided policy and well within frame of transfer policy and it is not against any association or any executive in BSNL. He added that there may be issues in some cases and assured to take corrective action for giving consideration to all such corrections and association may give such cases if left out after the modification order is issued.

We added that some of Circles are creating pressure for relieving of executives and the executives who are in need of consideration of genuine ground request are in trouble. He informed that as per order all executives are to be relived by 25/05/2022, but there will be no ERP relieving till from date of transfer Order i. e. 02/06/2022 and meantime all the representations will be decided and given consideration on merit of each case.

We tried to meet Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar, Director HR BSNL for consideration of issues of cancellation of Transfer Orders from All India Hard/Soft Tenure station and all other issues /grievances created due to these rotational transfers of 26 years but are not given consideration till today, but he was busy with some urgent work to be reported to DoT and hence could not meet.

Meantime, we have requested time from Shri. R.K. Purwar ji, CMD BSNL specially for the left out issues of rotational transfer and though he was busy with some urgent work related to Revival Package of BSNL, he spared time an gave us meeting. CMD BSNL informed that he is really busy with urgent work related to revival of BSNL and, he will discuss all these issues any issues including the left out issues of Rotational transfers after 30/05/2022.  In short discussions, CMD BSNL informed that let us focus on growth of BSNL getting maximum support from DoT and Government and with growth of BSNL we can meet all the demands of executives. We assured that we are also much impressed and eagerly waiting for revival of BSNL and we have no issue holding discussions even after 30/05/2022 but there is need of giving consideration of the issues which are in tune of the guidelines issued by BSNL and CMD BSNL assured for positive action on same.

Accordingly, it is clear that the Rotational Transfers as whole will not be cancelled but all the requests with genuine grounds and in need of corrective actions due to wrong counting of stay will be given consideration and the left out issues will be finally decided either by Director HR or by CMD BSNL latest by first week of June 2022.

SNEA CHQ appeals all the affected executives due to these Rotational Transfers on criteria of 26 years to have review of their grievances and if are willing as do not have any serious issues to join at transferred place, he/she may join. Others who are having genuine issues and difficulties to join at place of posting, he/she should wait for consideration of his /her representation for modification/revision as agreed by PGM Pers BSNL CO for which orders will be issued within 2-3 days. Once these representations are decided then he/she can have review of his/her representation and if required submit revised request with required documents and corrective actions accordingly.


It is to further inform that DS/CS SNEA concerned have consolidated and submitted all the representations received by them and are rightly received by SNEA CHQ and we are pursuing for consideration of all such representations and we are hopeful that all will be given consideration as assured by PGM Pers BSNL CO. If any of the representation is not given consideration and left out for any reason, SNEA will continue to pursue all such requests and try to give relief to executives to best possible extent from the difficulties they are facing due to Rotational transfers.



Group Health Insurance Policy- 2nd Window for Submitting Option

Last Chance, Only 1 day left. Option closes on 18.5.2022.

 - Policy effective for 11 months wef 1.6.2022. Premium payable is also 11 months only.

 - Option once submitted will be final, withdrawal is not available.

 Features: Very competitive Premium Rates, No Medical Test, No Exclusions, All pre-existing disease covered, 14000+ Hospitals with Cashless facility, Reimbursement of treatment in non-em paneled hospitals, Continuity Benefits on Retirement or Transfer out of BSNL, Children up to 25 yrs and Parents/Parents-in-law up to 85 years may be included irrespective of their income or health conditions. 30 days per and 60 days post hospitalization treatment covered. Rent rent 2% and ICU 4%  of SU per day. Ambulance Rs 2k/occasion, many other attractive features..

 Key Benefits of Policy


Recent Circulars


>> Reservation in promotion to persons with Benchmark Disabilities(PwBDs)



SNEA conveys best wishes and warm greetings to one and all the Executives and non-Executives in the BSNL a very Happy World Telecommunication Day 2022. The theme for this year is Digital technologies for Older Persons and Healthy Ageing. This theme emphasizes the importance of using telecommunications and information and communication technologies to stay healthy, connected and independent on a physical, emotional and financial level.



DGM SCT BSNL CO  endorsed  a copy of DOPT guidelines vide  OM No. 36012/16/2019-Estt.(Res) dated 12.04.2022 on  reservation in Promotions and the procedure to be followed prior to effecting reservation in the matter of promotions by all departments of Central Governments. {link}



BSNL management has invited the applications for Executives (Telecom/Finance) for the post of DGM (02), AGM (06), SDE (04), CAO/AO (03) to be posted at BRBRAITT Jabalpur. The last date of receipt of application at BRBRAITT through proper channel will be 18.06.2022. The shortlisted candidate will be interviewed through video-conference by selection committee later. This is in continuation of discussions held by SNEA CHQ with Director HR in persuasion for issuing transfer orders of selected executives in Telecom wing where Director HR was kind enough announce that all Training Centers will be made fully functional. <<Link>>


Report on Special meeting By Director HR with SNEA CHQ Team on different HR issues:



Approval of proposal E1 plus Five increments: Association brought to the notice of management that hundreds of JTOs are facing issues due to non-grant of standard pay scales and there is disparity in grant of E1 plus Five increment granted by BSNL in lieu of standard pay scales. On basis of expectations that Standard Pay scale will be approved by DoT, BSNL has not granted Five increments even though matter is very clear and within the hands of BSNL management. 

PGM Estt added that it is not possible to grant the five increments to all JTOs/JAOs and wherever it is possible that has been granted. We have brought to the notice of Director HR that there is disparity and many of JTOs/JAOs are not getting five increments. PGM Estt added that matter has been decided by BSNL Board long back and there should not be disparity but JTOs/JAOs who have joined BSNL on or after 08/07/2014 are not eligible for increment as by that date wherein DPE returned back file of stating that higher pay scales cannot be given to BSNL recruited as JTOs/JAOs and E1A and E2A is applicable only to Absorbed JTOs/JAOs. In March 2018, DoT issued Presidential order for E1 Scale for JTOs/JAOs and same is not implemented as it is creating more anomalies among this young brigade which will be biggest mass unrest in BSNL.

It was responded by BSNL management that after 2014, it is mentioned as E1 scales for all notifications issued for recruitment of JTOs/JAOs. We informed that it is mentioned in notification for recruitment of JTOs as E1 scale and in some cases, it is also mentioned that the pay scale offered will be enhanced in days to come, but in notification issued for JAOs Pay scale mentioned is E1A and not E1 and hence all JTOs/JAOs working in BSNL are eligible for E1 plus five increments. We appealed that BSNL management should come forward and give some motivation to all these deprived JTOs/JAOs who are backbone and future of BSNL. 

Responding it positively, Director HR informed that he agrees with the concern expressed by the association about financial crises faced by JTOs/JAOs and declared that all JTOs/JAOs who have joined before 08/07/2014, will be given E1 plus five increment and for JTOs/JAOs joined BSNL on or after 08/07/2014, SNEA may details and matter needs to be decided by Board. Director HR directed PGM Estt to take required steps in granting E1 plus five increments to all JTOs/JAOs joined before 08/07/2014 and to have study of matter of JTOs/JAOs who have joined BSNL after 08/07/2014 and report him the details. 

We conveyed thanks to Director HR and PGM Estt for such positive response and starting wave of positive energy by redressing financial grievances of JTOs/JAOs to some extent and deciding matters which are in hands of BSNL Board and expected similar actions on all other pending HR issues. 

Updates on discussions held on remaining agenda points is being updated one by one.